Parents' Handbook 2023-24

Academic Curriculum Books and Materials Homework Details of each stage of the curriculum are given to parents as their child progress up the school. Booklets describing the curriculum at each level of the school may be accessed from the school website and are also available on request from the Curriculum Director. Choices of subjects have to be made from time to time in a student’s school career, and at these points the parents can exert a major influence; however, we are obliged to make it clear that the composition of a student’s timetable, and the arrangements made for teaching the student (e.g. by setting) must ultimately be at the School’s discretion. Curriculum arrangements are made by the Curriculum Director to whom enquiries about the curriculum and subject choices should be addressed. The School is always willing to consider special timetabling or curricular arrangements for individual pupils. Textbooks and stationery are at present issued, generally speaking, without any separate charge. Books remain the property of the School and a charge is made for any unreturned, damaged, or defaced. Books should be returned promptly as requested, to avoid charges. A small number of necessary items (e.g. mathematical instruments, etc.) are normally bought by students. There are also charges made to students in the Fifth Year who choose to take advantage of the optional careers profiling and interviews that are run through the Morrisby Profile Programme. Homework that is properly done is the corner-stone of most subjects. As a rough guide, students in the first two years should do about one hour each evening (Mon to Fri), rising to two hours each evening by the fifth year (also Mon to Fri). Homework time-tables are published for Years 1 to 5, and parents of day students are asked to ensure that their child complies with these programmes, and that they carry out the assignments recorded on Firefly, the School’s virtual learning environment. Parents may raise questions about their child’s homework at any time, with the Tutor or with the subject teacher concerned. Reports, Assessments and Academic Monitoring a parents’ evening; a settling-in report with comments from Tutor and Housemaster; a self-reflection report with academic and Other Half goals; three “attitude to learning” reports written by subject staff, with Tutor and Housemaster comments, which focus specifically on students’ attitude towards their class and homework (one of these reports will comment on progress towards the students’ self generated goals). A student’s progress is monitored, and reports are made to parents, by a variety of means both formal and informal. Subject teachers and tutors consult regularly, and tutors are primarily responsible for bringing to the attention of parents any special problems that may arise during the course of a term. Reports and Parents’ Evenings The pattern of these reports varies by year group but in essence there will be a reporting point for each half term. The reporting points include: For Summer Term, in the Fifth and Upper Sixth Years, reports comprise just Tutor and Housemaster comments. Achievement grades are given for external examination subjects with a potential grade linked to the examination. 8