Parents' Handbook 2023-24

Parents contacting students / students contacting parents / use of mobile phones Visiting School Students contacting staff It is not possible for us to bring individual students to speak to their parents on the telephone. Students in the Lower School must hand their phones in to their housemaster on arrival at school, and may pick them up when they are leaving school. They are not allowed to use mobile telephones during school hours. Students in the Middle School may bring phones into school for emergency contact, but may not use mobile telephones during school hours. Students in the Sixth Form may use phones in school, except for in lessons and in the Dining Hall. Phones, or any electronic device, must not be used to send offensive messages nor to access inappropriate websites. The unsolicited taking of photographs or videos, by such equipment, is strictly prohibited. Phones must not be used in a way that inconveniences others. The school telephone number must not be used as a means of sending messages to students, except in cases of emergency. During a normal working day all visitors, including parents, should report to the School Reception, situated in Park Lodge at the entrance to the School on Park Road, or Faringdon Lodge by the coach park. Visitors will be requested to sign in upon arrival, and sign out when leaving. Visitors must wear a visitors’ badge. Visitors will be asked to wait in the reception area until the member of staff has been notified of the visitor’s arrival. Visitors wishing to meet individual members of staff are requested to make appointments beforehand. Students wishing to contact members of staff will usually find it easiest to do so by email, or enquiring for them at the Common Room, or calling at their individual offices. Students who wish to see a senior member of staff will usually find it most convenient to ask their Tutor or Housemaster to make an appointment for them. They may however, if they wish, ask the Common Room Secretary for an urgent appointment – and the Headmaster may always be approached directly by any student who needs to speak to him. 5