Parents' Handbook 2023-24

Pastoral House and Tutor Groups The House Lower School Day students entering the Lower School (First and Second Years) are allocated to a tutor group, looked after by a Tutor who is responsible for their general wellbeing, and who deals in the first instance with problems connected with work, attendance or discipline. The Lower School comes under the general supervision of the Lower School Housemaster. Middle School On entering the Middle School (Third, Fourth and Fifth Years), whether as a new student or from the Lower School, each student is allotted to a House; allocations to the nine Houses are made by the Middle Master, Lower School Housemaster and Director of Admissions & Marketing. Siblings usually join the same House. There is no separate scholars’ house. Students transferring to another House, for example in order to board will, in normal circumstances, transfer to the new House tutor group. Upper School or Sixth Form New students entering the Sixth Form will be allotted to a House; the Director of Admissions & Marketing in consultation with the Upper Master, boarding Housemasters and other staff concerned makes allocations to the Houses, taking account of preferences expressed by parents and students. Allocations Allocations to Houses must be at the School's discretion. It may be necessary from time to time to rearrange House allocations in the interests of administrative convenience or for social reasons. A student usually remains a member of their House throughout their time in the Middle and Upper School, and during that period the Housemaster exercises a general responsibility for their wellbeing and development. In particular, the housemaster and tutor will want to get to know the parents of the students in his/her House, and to ensure that there is a harmonious relationship between them and the School. The tutor is in a position to deal with the majority of parental enquiries and worries, at least in the first instance, and it is hoped that parents will quickly come to regard their child’s tutor as someone with whom they have a close and confidential relationship. Housemasters and tutors comment on students’ reports during the term, write general reports from time to time, and write references for students leaving at the end of their GCSE year. 10