ASE Leisure Life Newsletter - Issue 1. June 2022

LEISURE LIFE NEWSLETTER Lifestyle, Arts, Fitness & Wellness TOP NEWS The best exercise classes for weight loss Meet the team Spinning / Cycling More than just a trendy new way to workout, a spinning class can really kick-start your weight loss efforts, as it is estimated that you will burn between 600-800 calories in just one high intensity class. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) If you are trying to lose weight but not seeing results, you should try a HIIT class. These short, 25-minute classes are extremely effective and follow a tried and tested formula that your instructor will lead you through. Zumba Zumba has taken off in recent years and is a fun and effective workout based around Latin inspired dance. Come along and have some fun, whilst burning calories and body fat. WR I T T EN BY JOHAN N I J SSEN ( DUTY MANAGER ) Amey Theatre - Live screenings and events June 2022 / Vol. 1 Troubleshooting the deadlift What's on this summer Fitness The best exercise classes for weight loss 1 Activities are run by Abingdon School Enterprises Limited on behalf of Abingdon School. Company No.04442429

3 MONTHS FREE ON MEMBERSHIPS 3 months free on pay upfront memberships 10% early bird discounts on summer courses We are offering a 10% early bird discount for selected camps, which can be redeemed if booked before 30 June 2022. Visit our website for more information and to book. We are pleased to inform you that we are running a variety of high quality courses during the summer holidays, available to everyone. This includes: Rugby Skills Camp (ages 12-16 years) Football Skills Camp (ages 11-14 years) Hockey Skills Camp (ages 11-14 years) High Performance Rugby, Athletics and Wellness Camp (ages 8-15 years) National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (16+ years) We offer a fantastic range of membership packages so that you can choose the best suited option for you. This includes our popular Joint Membership, allowing you to split the cost with a family member (living at the same address) at a heavily discounted rate. Join the club and gain access to our gym, squash courts and a variety of weekly spinning and exercise classes during our public opening times. 2 Activities are run by Abingdon School Enterprises Limited on behalf of Abingdon School. Company No.04442429

Do you experience pain when deadlifting or do you not seem to make progress? STOP! You may be making a technical error which could lead to injury. The deadlift is one of the most complete compound exercises where the weight (it can be dumbbells, kettlebells, a bar/trap bar or sandbag) is moved from floor level to thigh level. It utilises many muscle groups simultaneously. As such, it is therefore paramount that correct form is adhered to. Here are some common mistakes to look out for: Holding the bar too far from the body: the bar should travel close to the body for maximum lift efficiency and safety. Rounding back or shoulders: keep the back straight with no rounding of the shoulders and spine. You should be hinging at the hip. Keep the hips down and the bottom out. Brace the abdominals to support your straight back. Lifting with the arms or back: lift with the legs and hips, not the arms, shoulders, or back—these should act as stabilisers only. Keep your arms straight throughout the lift. Bending your arms can strain your biceps. Lifting too heavy: when starting out, practice with a light weight until ​your form is satisfactory. A gym or fitness instructor can check that you are using the correct form. Partial repetitions (half-repping): with a light weight you can do repetitions in which you lower the bar to your shin, or even the floor, and then straighten up again without releasing your grip on the bar. This is not a real deadlift repetition. It is better to practice a full lift, lower to the floor and then start again from a standing position. WR I T T EN BY TOM PH I L L I PS ( F I TNESS I NSTRUCTOR ) Troubleshooting the deadlift Fitness 3 Activities are run by Abingdon School Enterprises Limited on behalf of Abingdon School. Company No.04442429

Arts The Amey Theatre presents National Theatre Live, Royal Shakespeare Company Live and Royal Opera House Live screenings, available to the community. The perfect alternative if you’d like to do something local rather than having to travel to London - and at a fraction of the price! NT Live: Prima Facie - Thursday 21 July 2022, 7pm Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) makes her West End debut in the UK premiere of Suzie Miller’s award-winning play. Tessa is a young, brilliant barrister. She has worked her way up from working class origins to be at the top of her game; defending, cross examining and winning. An unexpected event forces her to confront the lines where the patriarchal power of the law, burden of proof and morals diverge. Prima Facie takes us to the heart of where emotion and experience collide with the rules of the game. WR I T T EN BY N I CK L LOYD ( AMEY THEATRE MANAGER ) Amey Theatre live screenings and events 4 Activities are run by Abingdon School Enterprises Limited on behalf of Abingdon School. Company No.04442429

DAVE HENDERSON A little bit about you...? I have been a fitness instructor for the past 6- years. I got into my fitness when I was around 40- years old, so a bit of a late starter. I then decided to get my qualifications as a fitness instructor, PT and masseur. I started by instructing circuits and boxing classes, with spinning being my nemesis, but over the last few years my opinion has completely changed. I have a full time role as a manager of an international gas company, but my exercise classes are my passion. I don’t pretend to be a 'mega fit' person, but I do encourage everyone to do some form of exercise, as some exercise is better than none. Fitness is a long and slow process but worth every step! Which classes do you teach with us? Spinning, Boxercise, Kettlebells and Circuits. How long have you been teaching? 6-years. What is your sport/fitness background? I have no official sports/fitness background, I just put on a fair bit of weight and decided to do something about it. I found that I loved it so much that I decided to get the qualifications and start teaching. Three words that describe you? Driven, workaholic and encouraging. What’s your favourite meal? Not the healthiest I know, but you can’t beat a decent roast dinner! I NT ERV I EW BY NATHAN WAL T ERS ( DUTY MANAGER ) Lifestyle Meet the team Spin studio at Tilsley Park 5 Activities are run by Abingdon School Enterprises Limited on behalf of Abingdon School. Company No.04442429