A Rough Guide to the Middle School

What new 3 rd Years have said “For the first two or so days leading up to the start of term I was incredibly anxious and nervous. As soon as I sat on the bus, I started to relax because everyone was so kind to me and always made sure that I was ok. Also at school the other pupils were really kind and helped me find my classrooms, and the teachers were extremely kind and made you feel settled in. Overall the first day was super exciting and not at all scary.” “Abingdon has been a huge change from my previous school and has given me the opportunity to try new things. I think that my best achievement so far has been being chosen to play in the rugby team, where I have improved enormously. Lessons have also been a change for the better, especially having the longer lessons, making larger amounts of work possible. Although it is a long day it is very much worth it and the amount of homework is manageable. Doing sport everyday means that I can let off enough steam to do homework to a good standard. The broader choice of people to spend time with means that it is easy to find people that are both similar to you and that have the same interests as you. These are just a few of the many reasons why Abingdon has been a great change and I am very happy to be here.”