A Rough Guide to the Middle School

rostered students are met with rapturous applause for their soon-to- be sterling work! Boarders then have 90 minutes to do prep before an evening activity or free time. Houses have different activities, such as boardgames as well as hot food and beverages. Bedtimes vary according to the year group: 945pm for the 3rd year, 10pm for the fourth year, 1030pm for the 5th year and 11pm for the sixth formers. Tutors are also on hand to make sure the well-oiled machine that is the boarding house is running smoothly. Slowly the house settles down, eventually leaving only the Sixth Form awake as they get some extra work done before going to bed, which they try to do as quietly as they can. Unfortunately they aren’t renowned for their subtlety. After the occasional late shower, they too head to bed and the house goes to sleep.