APS News 27

abingdon.org.uk/prep 3 AbingdonPrep People Our school nurses, Debbie and Juliette have been a fixture during the COVID-19 pandemic, with one of them being on site each day the school has been open to pupils. They’ve covered keyworker school and then set up and run our testing programme, really being in the forefront of our pandemic response. We asked them some questions: What has been the biggest challenge for you during the pandemic/lockdowns? Wearing a mask and keeping a distance from boys has been difficult, we are smiley nurses and want the boys to feel comfortable and reassured, but with our faces covered it is more of a challenge. For Juliette, starting a job in a school in a lockdown has been very strange, it is also strange not to have a full school of boys in. How is the testing programme for staff and older boys going? Testing is going smoothly using the drama studio. It is nice to see staff and pupils as we usually work in bubbles and only see a few members of staff. There has been a lot of planning in bringing about all the testing but we have been very well supported by the Foundation. We have developed a routine for doing the tests and processing the results and have enjoyed working together. How have you had to change the way you look after the boys in general? We had to remove all the soft furnishings from the medical room and move the chairs further apart. We have asked staff who are first aiders to deal with as many events as School Nursing During the Pandemic Star Litter Picker Ben, in Year 1, has been noticing increased litter on his walk to school with his mum, so he has taken it upon himself to do litter picks on his way into school. A fantastic effort and a wonderful example to set. possible so we don’t mix too much with bubbles and they have been really good about it. Keeping a distance is difficult as we naturally want to be near boys to help them and reassure. The majority of our minor injuries occurring at school happen in the playground. Have you seen any changes there? Definitely fewer injuries, the boys have played more ball games which does keep them apart, however, we have seen more balls in faces and nose bleeds. As we have not had any rugby or fixtures we have had far fewer injuries during games lessons. What would be your key message to continuing to keep COVID-19 at bay at school? Washing hands has been a major contributer to reduce the level of infection, we have not had the number of coughs and colds and tummy bugs we usually see, we hope that everyone will continue to be so good about washing their hands. And finally, what are you most looking forward to as lockdown eases? Debbie: Swimming pools opening, visiting friends and eating out. Juliette: Seeing friends, dancing, eating out, live events/music. Going on holiday! Thank you to both our school nurses for looking after us so well. Debbie (top) and Juliette (below) Karting Sucess Congratulations to Lawrence in Year 7 who has enjoyed some impressive karting success, despite COVID-19 restrictions. He came second at his club championship and qualified fifth in the national simulation tournament with finals due to be held at Silverstone once Covid restrictions are lifted. Next year the promising young driver is focusing on the British National competition.