Parents' Handbook 2021/22

Communication Philosophy 4 Sources of Information 4 Parents Contacting Staff 4 Staff Contacting Parents 4 Visiting School 5 Parents Contacting Students/ Students Contacting Parents/ Use of Mobile Phones 5 Students Contacting Staff 5 The School Day Timings 6 Attendance 6 Absence 6 Leave out of school 7 Absence from Sport Fixtures 7 Saturdays 7 Lunch 7 Detentions 7 This handbook is designed to bring together the information which in our experience parents have most needed to know. It should be seen as a supplement to the standard Terms and Conditions, which parents signed when they accepted a place for their child in the School. If at any time, however, there is anything you do not understand, or anything you are worried about, please do not hesitate to contact us :+44 (0)1235 521563 .