Boarders Handbook - Crescent House

Welcome from Mr Kendry  Welcome to Crescent House - I am very much looking forward to meeting you! I am Mr Kendry, the  Housemaster of Crescent House, and it is my job to look after you while you are at Abingdon School. I live  in the boarding house with my wife Leah and our children Eloise, Amelia  and Arthur. I will be spending time getting to know you when you first  arrive. I will also be helping you get to know your new surroundings.  I know that you will be feeling excited but also nervous about arriving at  Abingdon School and joining Crescent House. I am here to help you get  to understand the life of the school and the house. This short handbook  is designed to answer some of the questions you may have before you  arrive. You may have many more questions and you should ask me, or  any one of the members of staff, for help whenever you need it.   I look forward to meeting you in person in September.  Mr Matthew Kendry  Head of Boarding  Housemaster of Crescent House  Who will be looking after me?  Living with you in Crescent House will be several members of staff. Mr Kendry and his family live in one  section of the House. There are resident tutors who also live in the House, and other tutors who live on the  School site and do evening duty in Crescent.  One of the most important people in your life in the boarding house will be Jo, the Crescent House matron.  She helps with the running of the House but most importantly she is someone you can go to for help if you  need help. She will be happy to talk with you, to help sort out any medical problems you have, mend your  clothes and many other things.  1