APS News No.25

2 July 2020 ABINGDON PREP NEWS As I write this today, it is hard to think back to the start of January when coronavirus was simply something that had a few moments of news coverage and was not an issue that I, or any headteacher across the country, would be spending the coming months devoting their entire focus to. Yet here we are, at the end of another academic year, with a very different daily routine in school and having had to tear up the proverbial textbook for teaching, coming up with new strategies for remote learning. It has, however, been fantastic to be able to welcome all the children back into school for at least a couple of sessions as we head into the summer break. The Abingdon Prep community, boys, teachers and parents, have all shown admirable drive and determination to maintain their positive approach and continue with all of our curriculum online. It is one of the highlights of my week seeing the creative videos and photos that the boys send in of their work or Other Half exploits. I have been incredibly proud of the way our community has coped with this period of remote learning and I hope that this edition of APS News will help to showcase just how much great work our boys have been able to undertake this term. One thing is for sure, the levels of IT literacy, resilience and adaptability for both our boys and staff will have skyrocketed and it will be interesting, once schools return full time, to see just how many of these new found skills will be highly beneficial to us all. All that remains is for me to say thank you to everyone for all of their efforts this term, and I hope that everyone has a good summer holiday. Message from the Headmaster