Abingdon News No.55

www.abingdon.org.uk 25 2020 Leavers’ Graduation On Friday 19 June, Abingdon’s 2020 leavers experienced a different kind of welcome to the OA Club. This milestone webinar commenced with addresses from the Headmaster, the OA Club Chairman, Ken Welby (1984) and the OA Club President, David Lindgren (1993). We were delighted to welcome Jonny Prest-Smith (2010) as this year’s guest speaker who spoke honestly about feeling he was an ‘average Abingdonian’, until recognising that Abingdon School does not build average. Forthcoming Events The safety of our community is our top priority. As a result, all events previously advertised are postponed until further notice. Details about a number of online events will be communicated in due course. We look forward to gathering our OA community once again, when it is safe to do so. For the most up-to-date information, please check the News and Events pages on the OA Club website . It has been wonderful to hear of the work that members of the OA community have been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic in innovating, researching and leading the way. Giles Bond-Smith (1992) , Consultant HPB, Trauma and Emergency Surgeon: ‘Surgical attendances have reduced dramatically but those patients that have attended have been clinically more unwell than we’d expect.’ Bradley Rowe (1987) , Dentist: ‘PPE shortages have driven prices to a stratospheric level. Protecting our staff and families while taking care of people is the goal.’ Professor Martin Landray (1987) , working alongside Professor Richard Haynes (1994) , is the Deputy Chief Investigator on the Randomised Evaluation of COVid-19 thERapY (RECOVERY) trial. They have found evidence to show that ‘Low-dose dexamethasone reduces risk of death by one-third in COVID-19 patients on ventilators and by one-fifth for patients requiring oxygen alone.’ Conor Marnane (1987) , Head and Neck Surgeon: ‘The ENT ward has become a ‘Covid step- down ward’ and as we are responsible for its day-to- day running, this can be challenging – it’s been a long time since I’ve done any general medicine!’ Jonny Donahoe (2001) and Paddy Gervers (2008) , also known as Jonny & the Baptists , hope to help struggling independent arts venues during the lockdown and cheer up the nation with musical brilliance and thought-provoking lyrics. At a socially responsible distance from the basement of their local out-of-action pub, the pair will perform a different version of the hit show, Love You & Hate Covid , tailored to each town they are virtually ‘visiting’ via the power of live streaming. Tickets can be found online at jonnyandthebaptists.co.uk. Simon Evans (2002) , director and theatrical powerhouse, has been busy during lockdown writing and featuring in his brilliant debut TV series Staged , featuring David Tennant and Michael Sheen. All episodes are available on BBC iPlayer. Despite lockdown, it is clear that our OA community is still thriving, in many new and different ways. If you’ve been on the frontline during the crisis, or if lockdown has allowed you to begin a new venture, be it business or personal, we would love to hear from you to include in the next edition of the Griffen . Email bethany.summers@abingdon.org.uk OA Club The OA Community during COVID-19 The Abingdon Foundation, Park Road, Abingdon, Oxford OX14 1DE 01235 521563 • Edited by Jane Warne – communications@abingdon.org.uk 01235 849123 • Design – www.petergreenland.com