APS News No24

10 May 2020 ABINGDON PREP NEWS Abingdon Prep Community Challenge The Sport department has challenged the Abingdon Prep community to get fit during lockdown. Boys, parents, staff and friends are all invited to join the Prep’s club on Strava and the aim is to complete 1 million meters per week by running, cycling or walking. Families joining us in September are also very welcome to get involved. To join, follow the link in the ‘find a club’ section on Strava: And, don’t forget to follow the @abingdonprep twitter to get all the updates and fun challenges to try at home! 14 May update: The club has now ballooned to 83 members and in Week 3 (4 - 10 May) we have doubled our initial target by running and/or cycling +2,000,000m. French National Day Alongside learning vocabulary and grammar in French, Year 5 boys enjoy finding out about French celebrations and customs. This term they have been researching French National Day and were able to present their findings however they wished. The storming of the Bastille was re-created through Minecraft, posters, drama and even with the aid of Lego Star Wars mini figures taking on the role of French peasants! Answers to ‘Where am I?’ 1. Josca’s House front door 2. Blue clock above main entrance 3. Gate to Pre-Prep play area 4. ICT Classroom 5. Josca’s House window 6. MUSA 7. Unicorn on the fort 8. Quad classroom window 9. Josca’s House Unicorn 10. Welcome sign as you enter the school