Abingdon News No.51

www.abingdon.org.uk 3 Exam Results A levels Grade A level passes A* 29.8% A* and A 68.6% A* to B 90.2% A* to C 96.5% A* to E 99.6% I congratulate all our leavers on this very strong set of results. As a year group, they’ve made a terrific contribution to all aspects of school life and I am delighted that they have been rewarded for their hard work and commitment. They have benefited from strong support from their teachers, who have worked with dedication, determination and expertise to ensure that they have been able to fulfil their potential. I wish all our leavers well as they set out on the next chapter of their lives. 73 boys gained 3 or more A level passes at grade A* or A The 2019 results show students have achieved particularly well in: Economics with 76% A*/A and 94% A*/B (50 candidates) History 72% A*/A and 100% A*/B (50 candidates) Geography 68% A*/A and 92% A*/B (37 candidates) Chemistry with 60% A*/A and 87% A*/B (55 candidates) Mathematics with 73% A*/A and 86% A*/B (84 candidates) Amongst subjects that have smaller numbers of candidates and performed very strongly, we have: Biology with 80% A*/A and 88% A*/B (25 candidates) English with 60% A*/A and 100% A*/B (20 candidates) Drama with 62% A*/A and 92% A*/B (13 candidates). Our MFL students did exceptionally well once again in the Pre-U examinations with half of 26 candidates being awarded D1 and D2 grades (A* and above A* equivalent). Students also did very well in the popular and demanding EPQ. This year, over 50% of the 30 students achieved the top (A*) grade and 80% achieved A*/A. “ ” 2019 A level and GCSE Results Speaking about the 2019 GCSE results, the Headmaster said: The results are outstanding. 103 boys, over half of the year group, were awarded all their grades at 7-9 and A*/A and almost a quarter of the year group, 44 boys, were awarded all their grades at 8-9 and A*. The results are the product of the students’ sustained commitment and endeavour. I’d like to congratulate the boys on their deserved success which will provide a strong platform as they move into the Sixth Form. This is a year group that makes the most of the wide range of opportunities at Abingdon and I have no doubt that they will continue to thrive as they take on the challenge of A Levels. My thanks go to our staff and to our students’ parents who have given the boys such dedicated and effective support. GCSE Results ” “ A full breakdown of A level and GCSE results is available on the website The Headmaster said: NB: A Level grade equivalencies have been used for Pre-U grades in the statistics. Abingdon uses the Pre-U for French, German and Spanish. The percentages include the results of girls from St Helen’s in subjects which are either taught jointly (Drama) or solely by Abingdon teachers (Economics and DT).