Abingdon News No.48

Abingdon News September 2018 | No. 48 The A Level and GCSE exam work has been of a very high standard​. Five of the six A-level pupils are going on to study Art and we will watch their progress with interest. There will be an exhibition of ​the sixth form work when the new art facilities open in Beech Court in September and a book has been created that is also available online. Abingdon Creativity Gianluca Cau Tait created this fine example of hand crafted cut work as the final piece for his A level portfolio. “I’ve been exploring the theme of incomplete buildings in my work over the past couple of years. I started off with very pristine and precise paper-cuts, which then developed as I brought in other media such as charcoal and pen. I took a range of photographs on the theme and visited both Rome and Minster Lovell Hall to collect imagery. The final piece is inspired by a range of artists that I have picked up over the past couple of years but is heavily influenced by my own ways of working and techniques.” The fifth year students created a diverse range of stunning ​pieces in response to this year​’s exam question, ‘Fragments’​. The pupils going on to ​ take A-level ​Art will thoroughly enjoy all the new equipment to develop experimental processes in the new ​facilities.