APS News No. 22

2 January 2020 Abingdon Prep News I sit here in my office writing this as the term has drawn to a close and the boys have all left to start on their exciting Christmas adventures. It seems eerily quiet without the hum of boys going eagerly about their work but it is a great time to reflect on what has been accomplished this term. There have been numerous trips encompassing all year groups with highlights including the three-day Year 8 geography field trip to Swanage, the two-night Year 6 Bushcraft, the overnight Year 4 Ridgeway walk and Pre- Prep visits to Cogges Farm and Roves Farm. This has been a highly impressive rugby season with our strongest set of results for many years and some terrific rugby being played. Our U12As, U11Cs and U8As all remained unbeaten and all boys in Years 3-8 have represented the school in matches, a key part of our sport for all offering. Pre-Prep performed their Harvest Festival in October and at the end of term, ‘Born in a Barn’ nativity which was a quite brilliant performance thoroughly enjoyed by the boys From the Headmaster and their families who were watching. The celebrations for Christmas continued with the fantastic Carol Service at St Helen’s Church in Abingdon. Music continues to play a vital part of our educational offering at Abingdon Prep. Our four houses have each selected their charity for the year and we have already been raising money for our whole school charity, Be Free Young Carers, through a silver coin trail, and our wonderful Christmas Bazaar which was so well supported by all. The Other Half program continues to expand and again we have offered more than 100 clubs this term, ensuring that the boys can try their hand at something new or look to improve their skills in something they love to do. Our boys continue to work hard and get involved across all areas of the curriculum. I hope they all enjoy a well deserved Christmas break. With best wishes Craig Williams Unicorn won the end of term House Merit Cup by just 35 points Three boys who have just completed their A-levels at Abingdon School were keen to visit Abingdon Prep for a final trip down memory lane before heading off to university. They enjoyed seeing all the changes made to the school since they were here and reminisced with current pupils and staff about their time here. Noah spoke with the boys in Year 1 about his memories from Reception and Pre-Prep and the younger boys enjoyed learning that playing on the mound held just as much appeal then as it does now! It was lovely to see boys finishing their journey through the Foundation alongside those just starting out. We wish the older boys every success with the next phase of their education. Old boys have a nostalgic visit Meet our new School Council Sharing Reception’s presents from Father Christmas