Abingdon Touchliners

Abingdon Touchliners is the parental support group for rugby at Abingdon School. We are there to:

  • Promote rugby and encourage involvement in the sport for all boys and parents
  • Combine a social focus for rugby parents and boys together with fund-raising activities for all teams

There is a unique sense of camaraderie and belonging that rugby inspires amongst players and parents and this seems to resonate both on and off the pitch. Touchliners is about encouraging and maintaining that spirit and working together to support the boys in all teams.

As parents, we can always be found (and usually heard) on the touchline encouraging the boys and as an organisation, we are looking for new members. Your contribution can vary from general membership and attendance at social functions to involvement in the committee. We are always looking for volunteers to help out at social events and are keen to encourage as many existing and new parents to join us.

Touchliners is about rugby for all; whether your son is in the 1st Year or the Upper Sixth, one of the many E teams or the Abingdon 1st XV, we want them and you to enjoy Abingdon rugby as much as we do. Touchliners is a great way to support both the social and competitive spirits that underpin our game. You can download the membership form, which can be completed electronically and emailed back to touchliners@abingdon.org.uk or printed and returned to the Director of Rugby or member of the Touchliners committee if you prefer. Annual family membership of Touchliners is currently £35, all of which is invested in the development of rugby at Abingdon School.

If you have any questions regarding Touchliners or Touchliners events, please feel free to talk to your year group representative or email us.

Year group representatives:
Y1 - tbc
Y2 - Mark Owen
Y3 - Siri Siriwardene
Y4 - Ian Atkinson, Carol Vanhinsberg
Y5 - Stuart Dale, Iain Rock, Rob Hayes 
Y6 - Dom Shaw, Mike Whelan, Mark Owen
Y7 - Rob Hayes

See you on the touchline!