The Abingdonian 1914 – 1925

The Abingdonian provides a fascinating contemporary narrative of the progress of the war from the School’s perspective, fascinating because of course the Editor did not know what was going to happen. The jaunty optimism of his December 1914 editorial has given way by December 1915 to a rugged determination to ‘carry on’. By March 1917 he is freely conceding that the nation is engaged in a desperate struggle, and by March 1918 he is afraid, “All England must share in the strain and anxiety of the critical happenings on the Western Front”.

Within the magazine’s pages there are letters from serving Old Abindonians and former members of staff, poems by pupils and OAs, information as to how the war affected the School, and how it affected the people the School knew – promotions, awards, postings and of course the ever-growing casualty lists.

EditorialDecember 1914, p.211
Freedom wears our English rose, from Gerald Massey's England and Louis NapoleonDecember 1914, p.212
Roll of Service: In Freedom's CauseDecember 1914, p.218
Casualties: Austin; Cannon; de Courcy WilliamsDecember 1914, p.222
From: Trooper BJ Bury Queen's Own Oxfordshire HussarsDecember 1914, p.223
From: Lieutenant H Meredith North Staffordshire RegimentDecember 1914, p.225
From: Private WNE Bruce Honorable Artillery Company, BEFDecember 1914, p.227
From: Seaman CM Read Benbow Battalion, RND, AntwerpDecember 1914, p.228
From: Seaman Atherton Benbow Battalion, RND interned GronigenDecember 1914, p.231
From: Sir Michael Bruce, Cape Police, South AfricaDecember 1914, p.233
From: Private HFE Edwardes, University and Public Schools CorpsDecember 1914, p.233
General war newsDecember 1914, p.235
The OTCDecember 1914, p.235
From: WJ Lightfoot, Tasmania quoting SH Baker on visit to BerlinDecember 1914, p.236
From: Anon, Swiss Holiday July 26 to August 18 1914December 1914, p.237
To the German War PartyDecember 1914, p.237
OTCDecember 1914, p.241
EditorialMarch 1915, p.255
The Story of the ZeppelinMarch 1915, p.256
Physical DrillMarch 1915, p.261
OTC: route marches, parades, physical drill, March 1915, p.262
The War: Supplementary ListMarch 1915, p.264
Casualties: Graham RM, Smith, Shepherd, March 1915, p.265
EditorialJuly 1915, p.267
OTC: buglers; shooting range; signalling, the inspectionJuly 1915, p.275
Casualties: Gale; Graham EM, July 1915, p.279
The War: Supplementary ListJuly 1915, p.279
Death of RM Graham, newspaper reportJuly 1915, p.281
Memorial to AM AustinJuly 1915, p.281
EditorialDecember 1915, p.282
OTC: Drill, buglers, signallingDecember 1915, p.290
Casualties: Challenor NB; Cobb JH; Staniland; MitchellDecember 1915, p.290
The War: Supplementary ListDecember 1915, p.291
PromotionsDecember 1915, p.291
From: SH Baker, France, In the Trenches, In Reserve, In the train, HMS MarsDecember 1915, p.292
From: WA Rudd, 9th Royal Berkshire Regt, The Eyes of the ArmyDecember 1915, p.295
The Soul of EnglandDecember 1915, p.300
EditorialApril 1916, p.307
OTCApril 1916, p.316
AwardsApril 1916, p.318
Casualties: Griffin; Tinegate, death of A EasonApril 1916, p.318
Nandi by Philip DeaconJuly 1916, p.328
OTC Inspection 5 July 1916July 1916, p.328
Casualties: Berry; WillisJuly 1916, p.339
The War: Supplementary ListJuly 1916, p.339
Promotions and awardsJuly 1916, p.339
From: J Townsend in W AfricaJuly 1916, p.340
EditorialDecember 1916, p.343
OTCDecember 1916, p.347
From: SF Willis, Egyptian Expeditionary ForceDecember 1916, p.353
From: SH Baker, Mediterranean Expeditionary ForceDecember 1916, p.354
The Wily Fours, Abingdon OTCDecember 1916, p.357
TanksDecember 1916, p.357
Your Only Rival - the gunsDecember 1916, p.357
Somme Film shown at SchoolDecember 1916, p.358
Casualties: D'Almaine; Ashwin; Burge; Cook; Harvey; Johnson; Layng; Lupton; Perrin CE; Sells; Shepherd-Turnham; December 1916, p.359
Promotions, awards, prisoners, woundedDecember 1916, p.361
The War: Supplementary ListDecember 1916, p.361
EditorialMarch 1917, p.367
OTCMarch 1917, p.370
Casualties: EdwardsMarch 1917, p.371
AwardsMarch 1917, p.371
The War: Supplementary ListMarch 1917, p.371
Military Cross awardsMarch 1917, p.371
News of serving OasMarch 1917, p.371
The Review: A Military TragedyMarch 1917, p.375
War fiction: Merely Fiction by EC Davies OAMarch 1917, p.376
From: HE Gibbs, Mesopotamia Expeditionary ForceMarch 1917, p.377
EditorialJuly 1917, p.381
OTC Inspection, signallingJuly 1917, p.386
From: J Knowles, Lancashire Fusiliers, FranceJuly 1917, p.387
Casualties: Badcock; Goodyear; Robinson; Saxby; July 1917, p.387
AwardsJuly 1917, p.388
The War: Supplementary ListJuly 1917, p.388
Advertisment: Eat less breadJuly 1917, p.395
EditorialDecember 1917, p.397
Warned for GuardDecember 1917, p.401
From: JK (J. Knowles), BEFDecember 1917, p.402
Night OperationsDecember 1917, p.403
Agriculture: pupils helping with the harvestDecember 1917, p.407
News of serving OasDecember 1917, p.409
Military Cross AwardsDecember 1917, p.410
War Office instructions to publish fewer regimental detailsDecember 1917, p.410
EditorialApril 1918, p.415
OTC: One of Our Field DaysApril 1918, p.419
Food shortageApril 1918, p.420
AwardsApril 1918, p.423
Casualties: Hewer; Brown; April 1918, p.423
Additions to Roll of ServiceApril 1918, p.423
News of serving OasApril 1918, p.424
EditorialJuly 1918, p.427
InspectionJuly 1918, p.428
From: ISR Miles RE, with the BEF in East AfricaJuly 1918, p.432
Casualties: Baker, Burkett, Pryce, HowardsJuly 1918, p.441
War news: generalJuly 1918, p.442
Initial plans for School's war memorialDecember 1918, p.445
PL Deacon, obituaryDecember 1918, p.447
The Mercantile Marine, TNT LeachDecember 1918, p.448
The EpidemicDecember 1918, p.449
The Visitation in the HouseDecember 1918, p.450
November 11th 1918December 1918, p.451
Celebrations of the ArmisticeDecember 1918, p.451
OTC reaction to end of warDecember 1918, p.452
Armistice: The End of the KaiserDecember 1918, p.453
Armistice: Abingdon in WarDecember 1918, p.453
The Old "Flu" Germ (Statistically considered)December 1918, p.457
Casualties: Cullen, Davenport, Robinson CWS, King, Betteridge, Harvey, Baker, Perrin, Leach, HarraginDecember 1918, p.460
Wounded, promotion, awards, Mentioned in DesptachesDecember 1918, p.462
Editorial, Flu, return of Mr Rudd, war memorialApril 1919, p.467
A Plea for Mercy (on serving in Ireland)April 1919, p.469
The Treachery of the Flu GermApril 1919, p.470
From: HAL Donkin, BucharestApril 1919, p.472
Death of JW HoodApril 1919, p.475
War memorial: Preliminary List of SubscribersApril 1919, p.475
Editorial, Victory celebrations, war memorialJuly 1919, p.476
OTC: Letter from Army Council July 1919, p.484
Additions and alterations to Roll of ServiceJuly 1919, p.492
Casualties: Brown JR, Louth, Marcus, Mortleman WR, Shopland, SparkesJuly 1919, p.493
War memorial: Second list of subscribersJuly 1919, p.496
War memorial: third list of subscribersJuly 1919, p.497
War memorial: Fourth List of SubscribersDecember 1919, p.514
War memorial: plan for new buildingApril 1920, p.518
War memorial: DedicationJuly 1920, p.532
War memorial: Fifth List of SubscribersJuly 1920, p.546
Casualty: DunnMarch 1921, p.32
War Memorial: plans for new wingJuly 1922, p.75
War Memorial Fund: statementJuly 1922, p.86
War Memorial Scheme: Waste Court purchase plansJuly 1924, p.171
War Memorial Scheme and the OA ClubJuly 1924, p.185
War Memorial fund handed over to Waste Court Purchase FundMay 1925, p.219