The Headmaster, Michael Windsor

Abingdon is, and has always been, grounded, meritocratic and strongly bonded to our locality.

More than ever we believe in the importance of producing rounded young men, who understand the world, can work hard and can connect with people from all backgrounds.

Sharing the excellence of an Abingdon education is key to this. We do this through means-tested bursaries and via our growing programme of partnership activity. Widening access to the opportunities we have here enhances our community. It provides opportunities to highly motivated boys who contribute to School life and inspire those around them. It ensures we stay relevant and connected to the community in which we live and work. We know this from experience.

But we want to do so much more, and with the evolving success of Abingdon School in Partnership, and the support of our community of OAs, parents and friends, together we can offer exceptional opportunities.

A word from our Chair of Governors, Professor Mike Stevens (OA 1968)

“The School not only understands its responsibility to offer opportunity to the talented individual boy but it believes that by doing so, it remains true to its history and continues to make a positive investment in society for the future.”

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