As has become the custom at the start of the Lent term, early January beckons the previous years leavers to return to Abingdon soil to don their football boots and give the current Abingdon School first VI a run for their money.

A slightly earlier match this year meant that players didn’t have to play by the light of the Tilsley Park floodlights, but were instead afforded glorious winter sunshine.

The Returning Captain’s Football match is a useful part of the current First VI’s pre-season training and serves also to highlight to our recent leavers that after Abingdon, picking up a pair of football boots is something that only happens if you choose to, and you can’t rely on Tom Donnelly reminding you to!

The game was played in three, 25 minute thirds allowing for position rotations and a much-needed breather. It was a closely fought match, ending in a 3-3 draw.

We very much hope to see both recent leavers and not-so recent leavers at the OA Football game on Saturday 14 March.

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