Mark Pluck (2008) recently got in touch to tell us about his short film The Photographer, which picked up Best Cinematography Award at the British Independent Film Festival and has had screenings at East End Film Festival and Danny Boyle’s Shuffle Festival.

Written by Mark last year, the project was funded by VCCP Blue and is now available to view online.

Mark explains where the idea for the film came from:

“When I began living in a city for the first time I became fascinated with the fast pace of life, the anonymity, and fact that no one had any real time to actually observe what was going on around them. This led me to the idea for the film’s lead character Sebastian, a mysterious and lonely figure who chooses to exploit these facts and live his life through others by following and photographing them. One day, things take a more sinister turn when he becomes dangerously obsessed with one particular woman and the events unfolding in her life, only to uncover a dark secret.”

The film stars Javan Hirst (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) and Sophia di Martino (C4’s Flowers, Friday Night Dinner) and was filmed over three days in various locations around London including Victoria, Liverpool Street, Peckham and Stratford.

The Photographer:

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