27 September 2014

As part of School Open Day, we welcomed OAs to School for a barbeque lunch. 

OAs were able to enjoy an informal opportunity to walk around School and see the huge range of activities the pupils are able to take part in this year. 

A varied group of OAs stayed on for a bbq lunch in the beautifully planted Jekyll Garden.  We were thrilled to have one of our older OAs, John Davies (1937) join the festivities and to hear his memories of his time at School.

Before the event, the OA Office helped put two long lost friends in touch with each other. Antony Dugdale (1971) and Tim Allington (1970) met for the first time in many years at the OA bbq. They enjoyed a very happy nostalgic catch up.

The 1986 First VIII chose this day to get together for a row.  They headed straight down to the river after lunch and had a surprisingly successful and enjoyable few hours out on the water.

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