On Friday 23 June, a group of six Old Abingdonians played against six current Abingdonians on the School courts.

The teams were as follows:

Abingdonian pairs:

1. Tom Buckle and Ethan McLellan
2. George Strainge and Oscar Bond
3. Thomas Savidge and Aron Lavis

Old Abingdonian pairs:

1. Joel Morris (2012) and Tim Janisch (1993)
2. Matthew Wright (1987) and Lawrence Dore (1988)
3. Michael Howe-Davies (1998) and Tim Kiteley (1989)


There were some closely contested matches. Between the first pairs, Morris and Janisch were behind, but ended up winning 7-5 and 6-3 over Buckle and McLellan (experience over youth). Abingdonians triumphed in the second pair match, winning 10-8 in the tiebreak! Finally, in the third pair match, the OAs managed to come out on top, but only just (10-6 in the tiebreak).

The doubles went on so long, due to the closeness of the matches, that only a few could stay for some singles. Tom Buckle managed to draw against Joel Morris in a very high-level contest between two giants of Abingdon Tennis. Matt Wright managed to outwit Oscar Bond by slowing his play down and winning 7-5. George Strainge showed tenacity and beat Lawrence Dore 6-3.

Overall, the OAs clinched the victory 3.5 matches to 2.5!

A thoroughly enjoyable occasion, topped off with strawberries and cream. Who will win next year? My money's on Abingdon…

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