Having sailed together in the winning Arrow Trophy team in the second half of 2017, OAs Nick Wilkinson (2009), George Jorgensen (2012), and Giles Oldershaw (2017) decided to put a team together for the first event of the new year. The event had eight teams from across the country, including Olly Bennett (2006) racing in another boat, and was held at WPNSA on Portland Bill, hosted by the RYA.

The weather was typical of being out on the water in January, but despite winds in excess of 30mph, rain, and the near freezing temperatures, the team came through to end up in second place at the end of racing on Saturday.

Sunday saw the semi-finals and finals raced, where the OA crew won all but two out of eight races, placing them first overall for the event meaning they have qualified for the national finals in November to be held at Queen Mary’s reservoir.

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