The OA Club triumphantly roared back into action on Saturday 4 September with a whole day of in-person events. OA Rugby retook its traditional spot during the Abingdon rugby festival with a great number of OAs attending.

The day began with a touch match under bright sunshine. This was a chance for the Over and Under 23s teams to show off their skills before the main event as both sides brought plenty of flair as well as ingenuity to the occasion. The match took place on a full-sized pitch which certainly tested the fitness levels of even our most professional OAs.

The touch ended in a draw as youthful exuberance was well matched by the tactical nous of the Over 23s. After a short break to regain their breath the contact game began in full earnest. It was a remarkably intense affair given how long everyone had spent away from the field with both sides showing great skill and accuracy.

However, despite the quality on show both sides played in the spirit one would expect of an event like OA Rugby. Spectators lost count of the number of times they saw opponents help each other back off the floor or when positive play was congratulated by teammate and foe alike.

Again, the match ended in another tie as the two sides could not be separated. This was something more of a ‘gentlemen’s draw’ as both sides declined the offer of golden point to split the two teams. After an hour and a half of rugby in the sun who can blame them.

Spectators and players then made their way up to the hospitality suite for some well-earned food and drinks. Watching and listening to OAs stories of years gone by was such a welcome sight after so long. Here’s to next year as we look to go bigger and better as always!

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