Friday 22 October – The Gurkha Museum, Winchester

Although Friday 22 October was a dry autumn afternoon, all those who gathered at the Gurkha Museum in Winchester were glad to get indoors.

After a brief introduction the Museum Curator, Maj Gerald Davies gave us an excellent and amusing tour round the exhibits, where the combination of central heating, lighting and bodies made the temperature in the jungle panorama area most realistic! Guests then departed to their hotels to change before returning to the Museum Library for the Reception drinks.

19 OAs with their ladies were booked in to dine and Lt Col Bruce Mackay (1963) looked resplendent in his Mess Kit. A Gurkha piper then piped us into Dinner led by Ian Oliver (1958), our senior dining member, and his wife, Lorna. The Mess looked magnificent with the silverware on the tables and several historic pictures and exhibits on the walls.

Grace was duly said by the The Rev’d Canon Randell Moll (1960) and a splendid Gurkha curry was then enjoyed by all, followed by the piper parading round the tables.

Capt Richard Morris (1965) proposed the loyal Toasts (including one for The School) and Andrew Hall (1968), our youngest dining member responded as Mr Vice.

John Bunce (1962), as our OA Club Chairman, gave a short report on current progress at the School and formalities would have ended there, had not Richard Leathem (1964) “spon”-taneously asked Richard Morris to talk about his teaching experiences in a village school in Nepal. Richard therefore began his reply in Nepali!

The next morning the remanents gathered outside the Winchester Great Hall, where a guided tour was provided, including an explanation of the magnificent round table wrongly attributed to the mythical King Arthur.

The 60s Club had survived another year with some welcome new members and we now look forward to 2011!

Richard Morris (1975)

A final guest list for this event can be downloaded here.  If anyone who attended the event has any photographs of the event, please send the images to the OA Office and they will be uploaded to this page.


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