We have recently been made aware that some OAs are receiving communications from the OA Club in their ‘Promotions’ tab. Often many people do not check this part of their inbox.

If you want to make sure that you receive all our news and up to date information about events please follow these simple steps, if you are a Gmail user to ensure our emails land in your primary inbox.

  1. Check your Promotions or Spam inbox to see if you have any communications from the OA Club.
  2. If you do, move the conversation into your ‘Primary’ Inbox.

Or, right-click on the email and select Move to Tab > Primary

Or select the email and then click ‘Not Promotions’

Once you have done this you should always receive OA Club communications into your primary inbox. If you are not a Gmail user please follow these links.

Hotmail users

AOL users

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