The OA Club was delighted to welcome over 50 OAs and members of Common Room to the Tipsy Mercer, Abingdon on Tuesday 17 December for the Club’s inaugural ‘Festive Drinks’. 

The evening presented an opportunity for OAs who live locally and those returning from university for the festive season to gather together and enjoy a festive drink on the OA Club. 

We were joined by members of Common Room present and past including Ian and Jenny Fishpool, Nick and Emily O’Doherty, Andy Broadbent, Adam Jenkins, Su McRae, Rebecca Cottam, Peter Moore, Mike Litchfield, Andy Loughe and Andrew Hall. 

Our venue, The Tipsy Mercer, is run by Joel Collins (2010) and we were able to sample two beers from Mark Annett’s (1990) Little Ox Brewery which they have on tap. The name, ‘The Tipsy Mercer’ has links with David Barrett’s (1946) family textile business, Beesley’s, which comprised a long line of mercer’s (fabric dealers). 

A brilliant turn out for the first event of its kind, we look forward to welcoming even more OAs to next year’s event.

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