These monetary awards are made by ASPA (Abingdon School Parents’ Association) and the Old Abingdonian Club to sixth form pupils of Abingdon School who are undertaking some form of travel either during the summer or in their gap year. Grants are awarded once a year and the value received by each pupil will be between £50 and £500 depending on the activity and its benefits.

There are conditions attached to the awards and the pupil has to complete a detailed application, as well as take part in a 10 minute interview.

  • Trips that include a period of salaried employment are not eligible for an award.
  • Any activity must have some benefit to the local community or a charity and/or include ecological/scientific study.
  • Trips that are arranged and organised by boys themselves, rather than through established companies, will be treated more favourably.
  • On their return, successful applicants are expected to provide ASPA / the OA Club with a short report of the trip. Ideally, in addition to the written report, it should include photographs or other materials e.g. map. The reports will be used to promote the Travel Awards to parents and future applicants on the School website and at ASPA and OA Club arranged School functions.

Pupils applying for an award should complete the ASPA / OA Club Travel Award application form which will require:

  • Details of the pupil including name, address, email address, telephone numbers, school house and tutor group.
  • A travel itinerary including details of the proposed duration of the activity/project being undertaken.
  • Details of the activity itself e.g. building an orphanage, taking part in ecological surveys etc including any benefit to the local community.
  • Details of who is running the activity – is it an established company or organisation, how has the itinerary been prepared.
  • A detailed costing including travel costs, board and lodging, insurance, medical requirements.
  • Funding – how is the travel being funded, have any funds been raised already, if so how and how much is being requested from ASPA / the OA Club.Application forms should be submitted to Alison Lester by no later than Saturday 1 May 2021.