The OA Club was delighted to host School Archivist, Sarah Wearne, as she presented a Webinar entitled 'What a Difference the Years Make! Abingdon School 1870 – 2020'

The past 150 years have seen enormous changes at Abingdon, not only to the buildings, nor just in pupil numbers, but in the way we think, dress, study and play. Using the School’s vast archival collections, Sarah Wearne, showed what a difference the years have made.

We were delighted that over 100 Old Abingdonians, friends of the School, current pupils and parents and staff were able to join us live.

The warmth of feeling that Sarah elicited through her informative and emotive lecture was evident. Sarah’s role as Archivist positions her perfectly to view the ever-growing tapestry of events, stories, people and memories that make up the history of Abingdon School, parts of which she conveyed so eloquently. Sarah’s concluding remarks caused us to reflect on the part that we all play in Abingdon’s history. It was difficult to quell the feeling of pride that resulted in contemplating the small contribution we each make, to an institution such as Abingdon School (or Roysse’s if you prefer).

For those who weren’t able to join us live, or to watch the webinar again, you can do so here.

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