Try talking to a GCSE student about a hard drive, a cd ROM or even a desktop computer and you won’t get far. The current generation of Abingdon students use computers far more than their predecessors but they have little idea what machines those predecessors used. The latest machine may well be “better” but knowing how the complex technology inside it was developed and improved over decades is an important part of education. It is also a tribute to the ingenuity and enterprise of countless computer scientists and engineers and an inspiration to those of entrepreneurial spirit.

The new Faringdon Lodge building at Abingdon School houses two rooms for teaching Computer Science, first used for teaching in September this year. As we look forward to post Covid-19 bubble teaching we are wanting to fit the room out in interesting ways to enhance the boys’ learning. One aspect of this is to mount an exhibit of computing devices.

Abingdon’s David Haynes (REF) was responsible for developing some of the first computing teaching materials for schools and we still have some of the hardware he developed. However, we are looking for more commercial products you might have lurking in a loft which might help the boys see a timeline from a valve to an iPad. That Commodore 64 or Sinclair ZX80 could be mounted securely in the classroom to help the next generation see that they are a part of an exciting timeline of innovation and development.

If you can help, please contact Dr Peter Willis. 
Head of Computer Science, Abingdon School


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