Newly elected OA Club President David Lindgren (1993) welcomed OAs to the annual London Drinks reception held at the Royal Geographical Society.

For those unable to attend, please find below extracts from David’s speech which followed opening words from Headmaster Mike Windsor.

Thank you Headmaster. Congratulations on getting through your first year largely unscathed.  Perhaps the boys can try a little harder over the coming year.  

I have been lucky enough to visit frequently over the last few years.  In many ways, the school has changed immeasurably since I left, but many other things remain the same (not least Mr Broadbent and Mr Fishpool).  As a school and a contributor to the wider community Abingdon grows in strength and I feel proud to be an alumnus.  I would encourage those of you who have not visited recently to do so – you will enjoy it and will be received enthusiastically.

The OA Club exists because we believe that building and sustaining this growing community who have a shared experience has the potential to bring great value both to that community over the remainder of their lives, but also to current Abingdon pupils and to the school itself.

I am delighted to see such a thriving group of people in the room today, particularly such a large number of our younger members – your involvement will define the future of the OA Club. If you have any ideas as to what else you would like from the Club, or if you are keen to get more involved, please do come and talk to us.

There is something quite special about the Abingdon culture, something that I believe shaped me into the person I have become and something I feel strongly in Abingdonians spanning many generations and permeating through the students I meet at the school today.

This is something that binds us together and makes us relevant and valuable to each other irrespective of age, university, career or other life choices.  I encourage you all to embrace that, take the opportunity to engage with other OAs when you can and take an active part in this fabulous community.

Thank you.

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