From a 63 foot schoolroom to the campus we see today, Abingdon School has benefited over the centuries from gifts which have allowed us to grow and develop our buildings and facilities.

We are grateful to all those who have supported our building projects; from Waste Court in 1928; Mercers’ Court in 1994; to more recent developments including our Science Centre in 2015. Just as investment in these past projects has benefited our current student body; investment in projects today will benefit both current and future Abingdon generations.

This is the reason we are so excited the investment in the development of our boarding provision in Austin and Crescent Houses; and renovation of School House. This will see the creation of purpose-built House rooms, extended study facilities, student kitchen facilities, and single bedrooms for all sixth formers. The accommodation will be modern and vibrant with dedicated, comfortable and contemporary spaces in which our students will be able to study, relax and socialise, significantly enhancing the home-from-home experience for years to come. The development has been brought to life in this specially commissioned film and in the illustrations below.

Looking forward, we will continue to invest in, and develop, our campus to ensure our students and staff have up to date, modern, flexible and ‘fit for purpose’ facilities that really help them succeed academically and support them pastorally in the modern world.

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