The 1563 Society is one important way in which Abingdon shows gratitude to those who have pledged a legacy.

We hold an annual 1563 Society lunch at Abingdon for members and their partners or guests. We also invite members to other school events over the year, and we keep them informed of developments. In short, membership of the 1563 Society provides the opportunity to develop a close relationship with the Abingdon of today.

In recognition of membership of the 1563 Society, we give members a set of Fiona Rae cufflinks or, if preferred, a pendant with the same design.

We are proud of the close ties we have with those who support us and we are always happy to welcome 1563 Society members to the School at anytime.


Simon Hills (OA 1975)I enjoyed my time at school. It gave me a great start and it is still very much part of my ‘brand’. I did not shine academically, but I was a staunch supporter of the School Council and a keen member of the CCF and hung around enough at RAF Abingdon to cadge a few flights in Hercules aircraft.

I benefited from the Direct Grant Scheme, as did many of my contemporaries. Then the School was a positive force for social mobility and I want it to remain so. I feel strongly about access to quality education for all, so the decision to include Abingdon in my will came naturally. I am happy that when the time comes Abingdon will use my legacy to give other boys the opportunities I experienced more than forty years ago.

Simon Hills (OA 1975), 1563 CommitteE Member

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For more information on leaving a legacy, download our Legacy Brochure or to pledge a legacy, please download and complete this form.