James Shone will share an inspirational presentation with a truly inspiring story and philosophy to help parents understand how best to respond to serious set backs, teenage anxiety and general lack of self esteem. His relevant, challenging and amusing talk takes a look at life in education today with advice on how to best navigate the challenges that might be faced. He seeks to encourage parents to recognise that education is about the whole individual. His original, passionate, personal and light-hearted approach ensures that his presentations receive high praise wherever he goes by both young people and adults.

Following a 16 year teaching career and having been offered a job as Headmaster in 2012, James was diagnosed with a brain tumour which left him with very little sight. However, James is a man who embodies a positive attitude to life and a determination to turn setbacks into springboards. As a teacher, this was at the heart of his pastoral message but his focus is now on the charity he has set up called “I Can & I Am” which raises valuable funds to enable James’s messages to be spread to as many school children, staff and parents as possible across the UK and beyond.  James now travels to hundreds of schools a year presenting to thousands of young people and adults. Put simply, the heart of the charity is to inspire confidence in every individual to enable them to know who they are and what they are able to do, rather than focusing on what they can’t.

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