We live with it, we breathe it – but how much do we *really* know about the the air we breathe?

Air quality specialist (and full-time breather) Dr Mark Broomfield appears at ATOM 2020 with an engaging (and surprising) presentation about the air that we all have to breathe, whether we like it or not.

Air pollution is big news – we’re all interested and concerned, but do we understand the science? Dr Mark Broomfield provides an interactive introduction to the atmosphere, drawing on material from his new book, “Every Breath You Take: a user’s guide to the atmosphere.”

Mark explains how air pollution affects us all, and demonstrates how we measure, analyse and predict air pollution levels. He will engage with the audience throughout, using a fun quiz and getting the audience to think about how they are breathing. Two lucky audience members have the opportunity to become chimneys to illustrate how pollution behaves in the atmosphere!

Mark talks about why air pollution is such big news right now. He explains the steps that we can all take to improve air quality, and to keep air pollution on the front pages. Mark will answer questions and comments from the audience, bringing his knowledge from working on air pollution for almost 30 years to ensure a lively and accessible discussion.

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