Skills and Games

  • Where: St Helen's Church
  • When: Friday 4.00 -5.00 pm
  • Who: All year groups
  • i/c: AJJ / OTL

The traditional English art of bell-ringing requires a combination of skill, musicianship and strength. The club is open to complete beginners and those with prior experience.

  • Where: Lower School Study Hall
  • Who: Lower School
  • When: Monday, 12.50 - 1.50 pm
  • i/c: AJJ

A chance for lower school boys to play a wide range of fantasy role play games, strategic wargames and boardgames.

  • Where: M102 and M103
  • When: Wednesday 2.30 - 4.00pm
  • Who: All year groups
  • i/c: KL

The game of Bridge is one of the world’s most popular card games. This trick-taking game is played by four people in two competing partnerships. Bridge is an excellent way to stretch your brain, sharpen your maths skills and make new friends. Beginners are welcome and will be taught the basics of contract bridge. Experienced players will be able to enjoy opportunities to play with other players of a similar level.

  • Where: M110 and M113
  • When: Tuesday, Thursday 4.00–5.00pm, Wednesday 2.30–5.00pm, Monday, Friday 1.15pm–1.55pm
  • Who: All welcome
  • i/c: AJPE

Come along, practise and improve. Pupils of all standards attend, from novice to England squad player. We will be happy to teach you to play from scratch and help you to develop your game. We enter county and national tournaments, and we run knockout tournaments for individuals and for House teams. Grandmaster Peter Wells coaches on Wednesday afternoons.

  • Where: School House Kitchen
  • When: Wednesday P7, Michaelmas and Lent Terms
  • Who: Sixth Form
  • i/c: CAM

Learn to cook essential and economical student meals. Try your hand at making dishes like spicy risotto, spinach and feta frittata and chocolate pudding - not forgetting spaghetti bolognese. Learn the basics of menu planning and budgeting to make a tight student budget stretch. No prior knowledge or skill necessary.