Covid-19 Information for Parents | Abingdon Senior School

Planning is fully underway to open the school and boarding houses to all boys in September. Our first priority is the safety of all those in the Abingdon community and during the course of the summer we will be putting in place the appropriate measures needed to open safely.

The situation is dynamic and the guidance we are able to give parents is often dependent on the information we receive from the government. We will update this page and notify parents when further details become available throughout the summer.

School uniform update 3 July

School uniform for September 2020 return

We are very aware that September will require some adjustments to our normal practices. One of these is temporary adjustment to our school uniform. A key factor is to try to minimise pressure on our changing facilities. Given all this, please see below the school uniform requirements for September. These will be reviewed at the end of September.

Pupils should wear either summer dress or sports kit (including tracksuit bottoms), as stipulated below:

Summer Dress

  • Lower School: grey trousers plus white shirt
  • Third and Fourth Year: grey trousers plus plain blue shirt
  • Fifth Year: grey trousers plus striped blue shirt
  • Sixth Form: chinos and smart shirt
    Black leather, polishable shoes, not black trainers

If the weather turns cold, pupils may wear a plain jumper:

  • Lower School and Middle School: plain, NOT patterned, blue or grey jumper
  • Sixth Form: plain, smart jumper (of any colour)

Sports Kit:

On days when boys are exercising, and only on those days, pupils may wear Sports Kit:

Pupils should wear Abingdon shorts, Abingdon t-shirts/games shirts, and Abingdon socks. Pupils may wear trainers.

  • ALL pupils MUST wear blue or black tracksuit bottoms (for reasons of safety in Science and practical subjects) but these do not have to be Abingdon branded.
  • For reasons of hygiene, pupils MUST bring in a change of t-shirt and a change of socks. Their change t-shirt should be inoffensive and does not need to be Abingdon branded.

Joint Bus Service update 3 July 2020

Joint Bus Service update regarding September 2020

Please be assured that we understand how integral the JBS is to many families and that we are doing everything we can to minimise any disruption in September. We continue to work with the JBS coach companies to understand the restrictions they will face and what capacity will be achievable and what additional safety measures such as face coverings will need to be in place.

Whilst this is inevitably still work in progress, we are now confident that we can commit to being able to satisfy all booking requests for seats on the JBS in September. Charges for travel on the JBS will appear, as usual, on bills for next term (to be issued shortly).

However, it is possible that there may be temporary changes to some timings and some route stops, particularly if coaches are unable to run at full capacity. We have explored adding more coaches to the routes but there aren’t spare buses available in the local market, particularly at the required times of day.

We know that many parents will have questions about how the JBS will operate next term. The JBS expects to announce the final arrangements in mid-August, including any temporary changes to the routes and timings. In the meantime, please direct any queries to the JBS via

Q&A for parents of boarders

We very much appreciate that boarders, and their parents and guardians, have a lot of questions about how boarding will work at Abingdon next term. There is much that remains uncertain, and the situation is constantly changing both in the UK and globally.

We hope that the following Questions & Answers will reassure boarders, parents and guardians that we are committed to reopening the school and the boarding houses as safely as possible.
We will update this document if the government or the School’s own guidance changes and we will notify parents that the document has been updated.

Please contact Mr Kendry, the Head of Boarding, at if you have any additional questions.

Download the Q&A for parents of boarders