Covid-19 Information for Parents | Abingdon Prep School

Planning is fully underway to open the school to all boys in September. Our first priority is the safety of all those in the Abingdon Prep community and during the course of the summer we will be putting in place the appropriate measures needed to open safely.

The situation is dynamic and the guidance we are able to give parents is often dependent on the information we receive from the government. We will update this page and notify parents when further details become available throughout the summer.


Minibus service update 3 July 2020

Abingdon Prep Minibus Service – update regarding September 2020

Please be assured that we understand how integral the minibus service is to many families and that we are doing everything we can to minimise any disruption in September. We are working with our minibus drivers and the JBS to look at what will work best from a logistical and practical perspective and also taking into account what additional safety measures might need to be in place.

Whilst this is inevitably still work in progress, we are now confident that we can commit to being able to satisfy all booking requests for seats on our minibuses, booked through the JBS. Charges for travel will appear, as usual, on bills for next term (to be issued shortly).

If you have been using the service already this year, then your booking will be continued but if you have not, and would like to, especially given the slight change in routes accessing different localities, then please do go through the JBS website to book your son’s place.

However, we anticipate that there may need to be changes to some timings and some route stops and we will communicate this with you nearer the start of next term.

We know that many parents will have questions about how the minibuses will operate next term. Alongside the JBS, we will announce the final arrangements in mid-August, including any temporary changes to the routes and timings. In the meantime, please direct any queries to the JBS via

School uniform update 3 July 2020

School uniform for September 2020 return

We are very aware that September will require some adjustments to our normal practices. One of these is temporary adjustment to our school uniform. A key factor is to try to minimise pressure on our changing facilities. Given all this, we have decided that the boys should come into school every day in their white PE kit with tracksuit bottoms and tops. They should be wearing trainers and also have another pair of trainers that they can change into for outdoor breaks. We would also like them to bring with them every day spare socks, blue shorts and rugby shirt in case they get wet and need a change of clothes. These spare clothes can remain in their bags.
In the case of Pre-Prep, they should come to school in their summer uniform, including their teal jumper and a lightweight waterproof coat. They should also have a change of clothes in the front of their rucksacks which would be their white PE T-shirt and navy PE shorts and white socks. In addition they will need their outdoor trainers.
This will be reviewed at the end of September.

Q&A for parents 19 June 2020

This Q&A is for parents of boys in Reception, Years 2 to 5 and Years 7 and 8 that returned to school for the last two weeks of term in June 2020.


Q&A for parents 1 June 2020

This Q&A answers questions raised by parents plus additional questions that might be of interest. It concerns the reopening of school to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 boys on 1 June 2020.


Reopening risk assessment 1 June 2020

This risk assessment is for the phased reopening of the school on 1 June 2020.