Our first priority is the safety of all those in the Abingdon Prep community and we have put in place appropriate measures in order to operate safely.

The situation is dynamic and the guidance we are able to give parents is often dependent on the information we receive from the government. We will update this page and notify parents when further details become available.

Home testing for Years 7 and 8 only

This notice only applies to pupils in Years 7 and 8.

We are following government guidelines for the testing of students in schools to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and we very much appreciate the cooperation of parents and pupils in keeping our community safe. The boys will have undertaken three supervised tests at school and are familiar with how to conduct the test. Further information on how to take a test is available here and from this government leaflet and video.

Boys will be given a box containing three Covid-19 home test kits on Tuesday 16 March and we would ask that parents ensure these are removed from bags and stored safely. Parents are asked to supervise their sons as they carry out the tests twice a week. Please could boys take the test on:

Wednesday 17 March before 1900
Sunday 21 March before 1900
Wednesday 24 March before 1900

Reminders will be sent on each of these days. Results need to be logged with NHS Test and Trace and also on the School’s Google Form.

If a boy tests positive, please email the Headmaster, the boy’s form teacher and Rachel Pairman as soon as possible so that we can undertake close contact tracing swiftly.

Consent is not needed for self-testing at home and a privacy notice is linked to here.

More testing kits are available to any household with a student in school by following this link to the government’s website.

If you have any questions regarding the undertaking of the tests, please contact our school nurses: school.nurse@abingdonprep.org.uk

Q&A for parents - updated 25 February

We hope that the following Q&A will answer many of the questions that parents have about returning to the Prep School in the Spring term. We will update this document if the government or the School’s own guidance changes and we will notify parents that the document has been updated. Any further queries should be emailed to the Headmaster at craig.williams@abingdonprep.org.uk


Covid-19 risk assessment. Published 1 September 2020 and periodically updated. Last updated March 2021.

The risk assessment was first published on 1 September 2020 and is updated as and when needed.


PHE guide for parents 24 September 2020

Public Health England has issued a guide to help parents and carers know when and how to book a test for Covid-19 for their child. The guide, linked below, also gives advice on what to do if a child tests positive or is a close contact of someone who has tested positive.

We have also been asked the following additional questions which are answered below:

Q: My child is self-isolating because they are a close contact of someone who has tested positive but he has no symptoms and has had a negative Covid-19 test. Can he come back to school?

A: Your son will not be able to return to school. He has to complete the 14 days self-isolation as there is still the slight possibility that he could develop symptoms after the test was taken. Please follow this link for clarification:

Q: If the School tells me to isolate, is that the same as NHS Track and Trace – or is it just optional? Will I be fined if I ignore the School’s advice?

A: If someone goes against the School’s advice to self isolate then the school is obliged to inform PHE as a matter of protecting the health of the public. The School can give the details of the person/parent refusing to follow advice and PHE will then contact that person and it is at that stage that it can be legally enforced.

Q: What is a ‘cold’ cough and what is a ‘Covid’ cough?

A: Please refer to the PHE guidance below which outlines Covid symptoms as opposed to cold symptoms.


Read the guide

Minibus service guidance

Abingdon Prep Minibus Service – Covid-19 guidance

After much planning and work on how best to safely operate our minibus service, I am pleased to say that we will be running a fully operational service. There will be additional cleaning taking place on the minibuses and we are asking for all boys to wear a face covering when undertaking a journey. There will be a seating plan in operation and boys will need to sanitise their hands before embarking. Sanitiser will be available on the minibus. We would also ask that parents ensure that face coverings are well-fitted before the boys get onto the bus and that they have washed their hands before leaving the house.

The same procedures will be in place before the boys embark on the minibuses from school. The drivers will have a plastic screen in place between the passenger area and the driver’s area. The JBS (Joint Bus Service) will be sending out confirmation timings for all the routes to those of you who have signed up via the JBS website. If you are still keen to utilise the service, then please do sign up via the JBS website where details on routes and timings are available.

School uniform from September 2020

During the pandemic and until further notice, the boys should come to school in the following uniform:

Pre-Prep (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2)
Summer uniform – grey shorts, navy polo shirt, teal sweatshirt, grey socks
Navy shorts, white APS t-shirt, white socks (stored in the front pocket of your son’s bag)
Black outdoor shoes to come to school in and white, non-marking plimsolls in your son’s rucksack

Years 3 to 8
Either white PE shorts or blue games shorts
Either white APS PE t-shirt or rugby/football top
Tracksuit (this may not be needed but should be in your son’s bag in case he gets cold)

Uniform will be reviewed as the situation changes and parents will be given sufficient notice of any transition to more regular uniform requirements.