The aim of Karate Club is to create champions, in and outside of the dojo regardless of age, ability, and any previous martial arts experience. From beginners to elite athletes, if you bring an open mind and a willingness to learn, there is something for everyone. Through Karate you can expect to improve your fitness, coordination, concentration, and memory, as well as managing your temperament and helping you to learn how to diffuse difficult situations. The self-defence aspects of the class will boost your confidence over time.

You will be learning two key components of Karate: Kata (Forms) and Kumite (Sparring), governed by the rules of the World Karate Federation (WKF).

You will have the opportunity to earn your coloured belts twice each year. There is also a competition pathway for anyone aspiring to represent Abingdon Prep at Regional and National events.

You will be coached by a former Director of the English Karate Federation (EKF), National, British, and 4-Nations Champion and 5-time World Medallist, affiliated to the English Karate Federation (EKF) as well as Shito Ryu Karate Federation of England (SRKFE).

The charge is £6 per pupil per session and Patience Kakitie, our Sensei, will invoice parents at the start of each term, with payment made directly to Patience.

In addition, for those wishing to take a Grade, the first licence is £30 and thereafter renewed annually for £25. Each grading costs £27.50 and includes the cost of the new belt and certificate.

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