Craft, Design and Technology

CDT is one of the most popular subjects with the boys. It’s hands-on and very varied and whether or not you are creative or practical it doesn’t matter - CDT is enjoyed by all. When you are next at Abingdon Prep take a look at our CDT room, every child will have work on display - displays spill out into the corridor - and the range of creations is very impressive indeed.

There are textiles, woodwork and plastics in every shape and form from bird boxes, ipod holders and salad spoons to clocks, jitter pens and model power boats (tested in the swimming pool). There are over 20 projects a year for each year group and all based around a particular skill. Boys learn to use hand and power tools confidently and the projects are cross-curricular with, for example, Viking longboat building supporting the history curriculum.

CDT is part of the academic curriculum as well as the Other Half. There are two Other Half Clubs one giving boys the opportunity to work on their curriculum projects and the second gives boys the opportunity to try something new. Both are extremely popular. There are also workshops run by visiting tutors looking at specific skills such as architectural problem solving.

The boys work can be seen around the school from the design and build of the outside seating for the astro to the suggestion box for boys’ ideas.

If you would like further information about CDT at Abingdon Prep please email our Head of CDT, Katie Smith.  

Every year the CDT department sets a whole school design challenge where pupils, staff and parents rise to the creative brief. Exhibits are displayed in the main hallway and form part of the Art & Design Exhibition in May. Recent challenges include ‘The Great APS Wooden Spoon Exhibition’, ‘Upcycled Plastic Bottle Challenge’ and ‘Upcycled Paper Challenge’.

The community response is always outstanding with ideas displaying out-of-the-box thinking and ingenious creativity on all levels.

Lunchtime CDT catch up clubs are run by specialist staff to help individuals who need more time to complete their work. All tools and materials are available and the extra support caters for all abilities and needs.

Through our parent organisation the JPA, parents with expertise in engineering and architecture run a range of workshops with the older pupils to design and create useful projects in school. One lecture led to the design and construction of a school ‘Suggestion Box’ fondly known as the ‘Think Tank’ which can be seen in constant use in the main school corridor.

Another project, on a larger scale, is the design of seating for the astro turf area. Scale models were made from wood, foam and plastics. The winning design will be made into a reality.

All of Year 5 worked on a wooden street scene learning about scale and perspective whilst using the CDT tools. Group work is hugely important in CDT to share ideas and to develop a higher level of thinking.

Architecture Workshop visit the school regularly to work with groups of children. With rubber bands and wooden sticks only, the boys create giant structures such as a Viking Ship, bridges and a giant birdhouse within which the whole of Year 2 can fit!

Year 4 has tried their hand at Mexican weaving, making some good luck charms to hang over doorways to welcome visitors into their homes. Giant spooky spiders wrapped up in a maze of webs have been on display in the corridor to complement the firework pictures for Bonfire Night. The decoupage pumpkin lanterns were delightfully messy to make but highly effective when lit with a tea light and much admired hanging from the white tree in the entrance hall.

Boys also create wooden Christmas decorations with an added sparkle, using some of the power tools, with adult supervision. Year 5 and 6 produce some exciting useful items such as memo boards, wall hangings and mobile phone holders. Other projects include making a wooden mini ball-bearing maze, a letter board made with nails, a coloured spinner and a triangular wooden car with working wheels and axles. The Club proves to be very popular and a chance to practise skills in a smaller group environment. A great time is had by all!

This is a practical club for those who want to practise their CDT skills, using the hand and power tools.

Pupils will make products from recycled plastic, wood and textiles sometimes working on group projects as well as some individual items.

Safety is paramount so a calm approach is encouraged as the club can be very exciting!

Woodwork club is open to anyone who wants to practise using some of the woodwork tools. Fun projects are undertaken and vary from a chunky jigsaw to a mosaic coaster. Enjoy creating in a small group to some relaxing music in the CDT room.

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