Name Department/Subject Position Email
Louise Batho (LAB)
BA (Hons), Exeter University, PGCE
English, KS2 Subjects, PSHCE Year 5 Form Teacher, Assistant Head Pastoral Email
Ashley David-Ward (ADW)
BSc (Hons) Sports Science, Dip Ed Sports Science, PGCE, UWIC
Sport Director of Sport Email
Sarah Eastaugh (SEE)
BA(Hons) English and French, PGCE, SpLD
Learning Support Email
Sean Fitzpatrick (SNF)
BMus (Hons), Queen's University, Belfast, PGCE, Gloucestershire
Music Director of Music Email
Linda Gaskell (LJG)
B Ed (Hons) Oxford
Pre-Prep Reception Form Teacher, EYFS Co-ordinator, Head of Pre-Prep, Safeguarding Lead Email
Stefan Gerrard (SJG)
BA (Hons), PGCE
Geography Head of Geography, Assistant Head Academic Email
Alison Heaton (ACH)
BA, Exeter, PGCE, Homerton College, Cambridge
KS2 Subjects Year 4 Form Teacher, Head of PSHCE Email
Steve Hibberd (SPH)
BA (Hons) Leisure Management PGCE in PE
Latin Year 7 Form Teacher, Head of PE Email
Trudi Hibberd (TJH)
B.Ed. (Hons)
KS2 Subjects Year 4 Form Teacher, Head of Junior Section Email
Zehra Kelly (ZK)
MSc, Birkbeck, London, PGCE, Oxford Brookes
Science Email
Russell MacDonald (RRM)
BA, Oxford Polytechnic, BA (Hons) Trinity College Dublin, PGCE, University of London, M(Ed), Oxford Brookes
French Year 7 Form Teacher, Head of French Email
Roger Owen (RFO)
BEd Physical Education & English, MA Education, Ohio State University
English, History, Maths Year 8 Form Teacher, Head of History, Senior Section, Gifted & Talented Email
Rachel Pairman (RVP)
BA (Hons) Cantab, Dip Ed QTS
French, Maths Deputy Head Email
Anne Parker (APP)
BEd (Hons), Cantab
Maths Year 8 Form Teacher, Head of Maths, Charities Co-ordinator Email
Lil Pullen (LP)
MA, Glasgow, PGCE, Leicester
Head of Learning Support Email
Rebecca Schwarz (RES)
BSc (hons), Manchester, PGCE, Oxford, MSc, Oxford
Science Head of Science Email
Rob Shaw (RRS)
B.A (Hons), M.Sc (Oxon), PGCE
Latin Year 6 Form Teacher, Head of Latin Email
Suzanne Skelton (SSS)
BEd (Hons), PGCE Education Management
Year 5 Form Teacher, Head of Middle Section Email
Elizabeth Slater (ECS)
BA Combined Hons, Durham University, MA, York University, PGCE
Drama, French, KS1, Sport Email
Katie Smith (KLS)
BEd (Hons) Westminster College, Oxford
CDT Head of CDT Email
Lenka Sowter (LMS)
KS2 Subjects Year 3 Form Teacher Email
Alison Thomas (ALT)
ICT Head of Computing Email
Helen Tynan (HMT)
BA, Reading
Pre-Prep Year 2 Form Teacher Email
Sherrey Tysom (SDT)
BA Hons Illustration, Bath University, PGCE Oxford Brookes
Art Head of Art Email
Natasha Watson (NLW)
BSc (Hons), Plymouth, PGCE, Bath Spa
Drama, English Year 6 Form Teacher, Head of English and Drama Email
Aimee Whitehouse (ASW)
BA, Durham, PGCE, Durham
Pre-Prep Year 1 Form Teacher Email
Rachel Whitmore (RAW)
BSc (Hons), University of Loughborough, PGCE, Oxford Brookes
History, Religious Education Head of Religious Education Email
Hannah Williams (HCW)
BSc (Hons), University of Wales, PGCE, University of St Mark & St John
Sport Email