CDT Projects

22 October 2018

There is much to report in the CDT room from the first half of term. All year groups have been busy using the hand and power tools to create various useful items.

On display in the main corridor, Year 3 have built some sturdy wooden pencil pots. They also enjoyed making a kaleidoscope, spinning colourful images through a triangular mirrored prism.

Year 4 lit up a picture with a simple electrical circuit and have since been making wooden name plaques for their bedroom doors.

Year 5 enjoyed testing their steady hand buzzer games with Craig and are now sewing a set of juggle balls to be presented in a unique bespoke wooden container.

Year 6 passed the electric fretsaw test by following cutting lines to create a simple jigsaw. With that achieved, they are working with thicker wood to make a simple free wheeling vehicle complete with 3D background. These will also be on display after half term.

Year 7 started the term with an electrical project, showing that a slight off centre weight on a motor can create a jitter effect. Screams of laughter could be heard from the CDT room when jitterbugs and jitterpens were set off by the Headmaster and shared with Year 1.

Year 8 have gone back to the 1970s and created a tube desk tidy based on the simple long-standing design when plastics were first introduced. The challenge was to hold a ruler, rubber, pen, pair of scissors and a glue stick. Successful desk tidies are on display in the main corridor.

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