Our art room is a hive of creativity. Amongst the activities boys enjoy are drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, modelling with clay and learning digital art. We encourage self-expression and we develop self-confidence alongside teaching an appreciation for a range of artists and their work.

As part of the curriculum boys will typically have three projects a year, usually cross-curricular and using 2D and 3D media. In addition, they enjoy a very wide range of extremely popular Other Half art clubs where they work with different media such as oils and inks. Art clubs alternate each week between working on individual projects and taught sessions where boys might look at a particular artist and learn a new skill inspired by their work. External tutors run specialist sessions on subjects as varied as architecture themed contextual study or art history.

Boys in Years 6 to 8 can also take part in Saturday workshops which run twice a term. The workshops are taught by a visiting artist and cover a range of media which may include, for example, sculpture, botanical drawing and printmaking.

Boys are proud of their work and there are plenty of opportunities to enter exhibitions and competitions. During Artweeks the Art and CDT departments open their doors to the public with a fantastic display of the boys’ work. In 2018, 21 boys saw their work exhibited at Young Art Oxford.

Our artists win many awards from the Ruskin School of Art Prize to the art scholarship at Abingdon school - the latter for the last four consecutive years.

If you would like further information about art at Abingdon Prep please email our Head of Art, Sherrey Tysom.  

You can also view the art curriculum by year group.

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Pupils will explore artists both historical and contemporary to inspire a variety of artistic experiments. 

We also link to world events such as Christmas, Easter, Diwali, Remembrance Day and at times work on the set, and props for school plays.

We structure the club alternating between a taught session and free choice week for pupils to work on pieces of their own choosing too.

The club is taught by our clay specialist Martha Evans. Martha allows each boy to extend his own creativity, whilst encouraging 3D building skills to create a variety of complex and skilful ceramic work.

The charge is £7.00 per pupil per session and Martha Evans will send out details of charging at the start of each term. Payment is made directly to Martha.

Pupils will focus on the process of creating contemporary artwork rather than just the outcome, exploring modern ways of experimenting with a wide range of unusual materials, as well as more regular art processes; such as card sculpture, photography, 3D building and painting.

Art Scholarship candidates are encouraged to attend if possible to add a deeper breadth to portfolios.

The club aims to extend classroom learning, further challenge artistic perceptions and experiment with advance materials. This club is for those pupils showing particular promise and particularly those for whom a senior school scholarship route may be an option.

This club is taught by our oil painting specialist and encourages the pupils to explore this particular medium of art through a variety of projects.

Every week pupils experiment with a variety of media to create a piece of art. These may be inspired by a topic, image or artist. Ranging from ‘pop art’ to creating sculptures out of recycled materials, this club hopes to engage all children with varied interests and experience.

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