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The Headmaster, Michael Windsor

Abingdon is, and has always been, grounded, meritocratic and strongly bonded to our locality.

More than ever we believe in the importance of producing rounded young men, who understand the world, can work hard and can connect with people from all backgrounds.

Sharing the excellence of an Abingdon education is key to this. We do this through means-tested bursaries and via our growing programme of partnership activity. Widening access to the opportunities we have here enhances our community. It provides opportunities to highly motivated boys who contribute to School life and inspire those around them. It ensures we stay relevant and connected to the community in which we live and work. We know this from experience.

But we want to do so much more, and with the evolving success of Abingdon School in Partnership, and the support of our community of OAs, parents and friends, together we can offer exceptional opportunities.


Bursaries provide financial help to families of able boys who cannot afford to pay full fees. Bursaries widen access to an excellent education, which is so important to unlocking the doors of future opportunity. As a former grammar and direct grant school, Abingdon understands the importance of widening access, and we are committed to increasing the number of bursaries we can offer to local boys with identified potential.

Further information on bursaries and how to support them.


Abingdon has benefited from many generous past legacies made by OAs, parents, former teachers and governors. Their commitment to the school has enabled Abingdon to invest in and retain our first-class teachers, to safeguard the future of the school through improved facilities, and to commit to offering bursaries to local boys from families unable to fund the full cost of an Abingdon education. Leaving a legacy is a wonderful way to recognise the part Abingdon has played in your life, our Director of Development would be very happy to arrange an informal discussion if you would like further information.

Alexa Broad, Director of Development and Alumni Relations
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