Art, Design and Technology

  • Where: A203
  • Who: All years
  • When: Tuesday P8
  • i/c: DMH, EOD

This club gives aspiring architects and designers the opportunity to bring their designs to life using Lego as the construction material. Project briefs will be set and work can be done in teams or individually.

  • Where: Art Department
  • Who: Middle and Upper School
  • When: Wednesday, P7
  • i/c: EOD / EMH / KEB

This session is designed for those keen to extend their skills and to try something new. Boys will be free to set their own project briefs and work on collaborative ideas if they so wish. GCSE and A level students are free to develop coursework during these sessions.

  • Where: Art Department
  • Who: 2nd / 3rd Years
  • When: Wednesday P7
  • i/c: PDW

In this club students get to do imaginative artwork based around their favourite films. We have previously designed and built Tree Ent face masks from The Lord of the Rings. Students have also studied the work of Marvel cartoonists and action film posters and produced their own comic book front covers. The students in this particular clip are using stop frame animation to bring their own plasticine monsters to life. They have been studying the films of Nick Park.

Ceramics Club

  • Where: BC342
  • Who: All welcome
  • When: Monday P8
  • i/c: KEB

Come and explore the wondrous world of clay; experiment with a range of clay construction and decorating techniques and develop your creativity and innovation skills. Be inspired by traditional/functional ceramics alongside contemporary more sculptural work.

Exam Ceramics Club

  • Where: BC342
  • Who: GCSE and A Level students
  • When: Monday P8
  • i/c: KEB

Extend your ceramics skills and explore a range of making and decorating techniques. Expand your understanding of processes and materials looking in more depth about the reasons why materials behave in certain ways.

  • Where: A203 (Tuesday), A204 (Thursday)
  • Who: GCSE and A Level students
  • When: Tuesday P8, Tuesday P8, Thursday, Summer Term
  • i/c: JDRG (Tuesday P8), EMH (Tuesday P8), KEB (Thursday)

This is a chance for you to work on your personal portfolio, upgrading and/or extending work produced in lessons.

  • Where: Design and Technology Centre
  • Who: 3rd / 4th / 5th / L6th / U6th 
  • When: Wednesday Period 7
  • i/c: DMH

The workshop facilities are open to offer the students to develop their design and technology skills. They can either work through some existing project briefs or even develop their own to work on.

  • Where: Design and Technology Centre
  • Who: 3rd Years
  • When: Monday P8
  • i/c: MTJ

This activity provides boys with an opportunity to learn or improve their knowledge of the Computer Aided Design programme 'Fusion 360'. The industry standard piece of software is used by commerical designers and boys will learn to create objects and designs in 3D, working towards outputting their work using the Makerbot 3D printers.

  • Where: Art Department
  • Who: GCSE Art students in the 4th Year
  • When: Monday and Tuesday, 4.00 - 5.00pm
  • i/c: EMH

Those doing art for GCSE are strongly encouraged to make use of the facilities during these times to extend and develop their coursework portfolio.

  • Where: Art Department
  • Who: GCSE Art students in the 5th Year
  • When: Thursday, P8
  • i/c: EOD / KEB / EMH

Those doing art for GCSE are strongly encouraged to make use of the facilities during these times to extend and develop their coursework portfolio.

  • Where: Design and Technology Centre
  • When: Wednesday P7 and P8
  • i/c: DLJ

Jaguar / Land Rover sponsor a 4x4 in Schools Challenge.

The boys will have the opportunity to design and make a body shell for a standard chassis, evaluate the potential of the vehicle and build their own obstacle course.

To enter the competition the boys will have to work in a team, the vehicle will have to meet the criteria set by Land Rover and they will have to prepare a display of their designing.

Even if the competition is not entered into, there is still plenty of scope to explore the world of vehicle design, with hands on design and making in the workshop. As well as standard workshop tooling, the department has access to 3D printing, Vacuum forming and laser cutting.

  • Where: BC344
  • Who: Lower School
  • When: Thursday P8, Michaelmas and Lent Terms
  • i/c: EOD

This club encourages boys to realise their imaginative designs in 3D using the Lego Architecture kits. Boys will research existing examples of interesting architecture, develop their own designs and then work with 3D CAD software to generate virtual scale models of their creations.

  • Where: Design and Technology Centre
  • Who: 4th / 5th / L6th / U6th 
  • When: Monday P8 / Tuesday P8 / Wednesday P8 / Thursday P8 / Friday P8
  • i/c: DMH

The workshop facilities are open to offer the students following the subject at examination level an opportunity to further develop their coursework project.

  • Where: Design and Technology Centre
  • Who: 4th Years
  • When: Tuesday P8
  • i/c: MRW

The great thing about Young Designers is the creativity. In many other Other Half activities, lessons and even out of school activities one must follow a set of precise, linear instructions given by a teacher or guide who is constantly trying to assess you or grade you on something. And that is wonderful - assessment is a part of life and Abingdon is one of the best places to come if one wants to learn about how to become great in life - but everyone needs time to relax and unwind, away from the stress of everyday schoolwork and study time. That’s why Young Designers is so wonderful. In Young Designers, you have the option to make whatever you want. A box? A bed? A table? A large wooden boat? Yep. Every Young Designers session, a group of lucky boys has access to the school's state of the art DT department - complete with sanding machines, laser cutters, and even a few 3D printers! If you can think it, you can make it - all it needs is for you to select Young Designers for an other half session.

By Lance Wilson

  • Where: Design and Technology Centre
  • Who: 4th Year YE Students
  • When: Friday P8, Michaelmas and Lent Terms
  • i/c: MRW