OAs In Memoriam

This page is a tribute to all Old Abingdonians and Members of Common Room who gave their lives in the service of their countries during the two World Wars.

This information is compiled from the excellent research carried out by the late Nigel Hammond (OA 1957 and former Common Room) and from additional material supplied by the School Archivist, Sarah Wearne. Our apologies are offered for any omissions or errors.

Battle of Ramillies (Flanders) – 1706.

The Duke of Marlborough’s second victory in the field over the French army of Louis XIV in the Spanish War of Succession

BRINGFEILD, James, Colonel (1656-1706). AS c.1666-70. Cornet, Duke of Shrewsbury’s Regiment of Horse (1685). Captain, 1st Troop of Life Guards, Major of Horse (1702). Lieutenant Colonel, 1st Life Guards. Equerry to Prince George of Denmark, consort to Queen Anne. ADC to Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim and Ramillies (1706). Killed at Battle of Ramillies. Developed fashion for Ramillies wig. William Thackeray relates story of Colonel Bringfeild in Henry Esmond. [MI: Westminster Abbey. See: Griffen XXVIII (2003).]

Battle of Saratoga – October 1777.

American War of Independence

CLERKE, Sir Francis Carr (1748-1777). Son of Sir Francis Carr-Clerke, 6th Baronet and Susannah Elizabeth Ashurst, North Weston, Oxfordshire. AS 1760-66. 7th Baronet (1769). Inner Temple. Captain, 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards. Mortally wounded and captured, Battle of Saratoga. Died 15th October 1777. ADC to General John Burgoyne (1722-1792), the unsuccessful British commander in the American War of Independence. Brother of WHC. [See: Letters to Lord Polwarth from Sir Francis Carr-Clerke, New York History, 79 (October 1998), pp.393-424].

Siege of Jellalabad - 12th November 1841 to 13th April 1842.

The First Afghan War

TOMBS, William Henry (1814-1842). Served in first Afghan war (1839-42). Killed during the march from Kabul to Jellalabad (1842) as part of General Pollock’s Army of Retribution, which arrived in the formerly besieged town of Jellalabad on 13th April 1842. [MI: St Helen’s church, Abingdon and regimental memorial at St Peter’s Church, Fort William.

The Great Boer War – 11th October 1899 to 27th February 1900

According to Nigel Hammond, some 37 Old Abingdonians served in the Second Boer War but with only two known fatalities.

AUSTIN, Walter Murray (1878-1900) was the first casualty. Served in the Berkshire Imperial Yeomanry and died from Enteric Fever at Bothaville, South Africa. Commemorated St Helen’s Church, Abingdon.
ALDWINCKLE, John Yeoman (1882-1901) was the second and final casualty. AS 1892-97. Natal Police. Served, Boer War. Trooper (2339), Cape Mounted Rifles (1899). Died of wounds, South Africa (28 April 1901). Died, Pietermaritzburg of wounds received in action at Mahlabathini when twenty seven British troops beat off four hundred Boers after fighting for five and a half hours. [MI: Mahlabathini police memorial, Zululand, Eastern Transvaal, Shippon church and Framlingham College chapel.]

World War I

ASHWIN, Guy John Hamilton (1894-1918). AS 1907-12 Served, WW1. Lieutenant, 5th Durham Light Infantry. Killed in Action 07.11.1916 Buried Warlencourt Brit Cem, Bapaume
AUSTIN, Alan Murray (1883-1914) AS 1895-1901. Royal Navy (1902). HMS Renown to India with Prince of Wales (1905). Officer and paymaster, RN. Died 15.10.1914 in sinking of cruiser HMS Hawke off Peterhead by torpedo from German submarine U-9. 525 officers and men lost: 21 saved. See: Abingdonian, vol. iii, pp. 117-120 Chatham Naval Memorial
BADCOCK, William Stewart (1888-1916). AS 1903-05. Served, WW1. Corporal, 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment. Killed in Action Somme, France 27.10.1916. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. v. p. 387.] Thiepval Memorial
BAKER, Charles Talbot (1879-1918). AS 1894-97. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, Canadian Contingent (Alberta Regiment). Killed in Action 29.09.1918 Buried Ontario Cemetery, E Cambrai
BAKER, Sydney Harold (1881-1918). Master, Abingdon School. (1905-1915). Served, WW1. Major, 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment. Attached, 1st Entrenching Battalion. Served, 9th Battalion, Salonika and France. Killed in Action 23.03.1918 Poieres Memorial.
BERRY, Edward Fleetwood (1888-1916). AS 1900-05 RMA Sandhurst (1906). Wiltshire Regiment, Jhansi, India (1908). Indian Army (1909). Served, WW1. Captain. King’s Royal Rifle Corps (1914). Adjutant, Indian Army. 9th Gurkha Rifles. Mentioned, despatches. Military Cross. Killed in Action Bait Aisa, Mesopotamia. Basra Memorial, Iraq.
BETTERIDGE, Arthur Richard (1884-1917). AS 1895-1901 Served, WW1. Royal Berkshire Regiment. Died, spotted fever. 18.02.1917 Buried in St Michael, Steventon churchyard.
BETTERIDGE, Harold Edward (1900-1918). AS 1910-17. Served, WW1. Royal Marine Artillery Died of Pneumonia at Eastney Barracks 29.09.1918 Buried in Radley churchyard. See: obituary, NBH, 5th October 1918.]
BROWN, Anthony Arthur (1886-1918). AS 1900-1905. Served, WW1. Captain, Royal Field Artillery. Military Cross.Died of heart failure 04.03.1918. Buried in Ramieh War Cemetery, Palestine
BROWN, John (Ranby) Roxby (1880-1915). AS 1889-92. Served, Boer War (1900). Lance Corporal (6006), 39th Company, 10th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, Canadian Infantry. Central Ontario Regiment. Killed in Action 27.09.1918 Buried in Bourlon Wood Cemetery, W Cambrai
BURGE, Leonard Oliver (1893-1916). AS 1904-11. Served, WW1. Sergeant, 10th Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Killed in Action La Boiselle, France. Buried, Poziers Mil Cemetery
BURKETT, Harry William Bradley (1895-1918). AS 1904-13. Served, WW1. OUOTC (1914). Captain and Adjutant, 8th Wiltshire Regiment. Killed in Action, France. 14.04.1918 Buried in Bailleul Com Cem Ext
BUSWELL, Thomas Hubert (1896-1918). AS 1907-1913. Served, WW1. Oxfordshire Hussars (1914). Second Lieutenant, 52nd Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. Killed. Missing in Action. 26.03.1918 Arras Flying Services Memorial.
CAMPBELL, Howard Vincent (1895-1918). AS 1906-1911. Served, WW1. Lance Corporal, 4th Royal Berkshire Regiment. Killed 06.09.1918. Buried in Barenthal Mil Cem, Italy
CANNON, Hugh Stanley (1888-1914).   AS 1900-1902. Served, WW1. Corporal, Despatch rider, Royal Engineers. Killed in Action 30.10.1914, Buried in Ypres Town Cem Ext.
CHALLENOR, Norman Bowen (1885-1915). AS 1893-99. Second Lieutenant, 3rd Royal Berkshire Regiment. (1903). Served, WW1. Captain, 3rd attached 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment. Shot through the head by sniper, Fleurbaix, 31.07.1915). [See: obituary NBH, 7th August 1915. MI: Framlingham College chapel. Buried in White City Cemetery, Armentieres
CLACK, Sydney Ernest (1899-1918). AS 1910-14. Served, WW1. Private, London Regiment. 2/4 City of London Fusiliers (Royal Fusiliers). 4th Somerset Light Infantry. Killed in Action 25.04.1918 Buried in Crucifix Com Cem, Amiens.
COBB, James Arthur (1891-1915). AS 1902-05. Served, WW1. Duke of Wellington’s Regiment (West Riding). Died of wounds, 06.12.1915 Buried in Etaples Cemetery
COOK, Cyril Edward (1893-1916). AS 1908-12. Served WW1. Public Schools’ Brigade. Lieutenant, Royal Sussex Regiment (1915). Died of wounds, Battle of Loos 08.07.1916 Buried in Choques Mil Cem, Bethune
CULLEN, Donald (1898-1918). AS 1906-14. Served, WW1. Private (511863). Enlisted, London. Gordon Highlanders. London Regiment (London Scottish). Posted, 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders. Killed, Achiet le Grand, France 23.08.1918 Vis-en-Artois Memorial, E Arras.
D’ALMAINE, Roy (1896-1916). AS 1906-1909. Served, WW1. Private, 49th Battalion, Canadian Infantry Expeditionary Force (Alberta Regiment). Killed in Action 04.11.1916, France. Buried in Ecoivres Mil Cem, Arras
DAVENPORT, Arthur (1897-1918). AS 1906-15. Served, WW1. 6th Rifle Brigade (1915). Lieutenant, Tank Corps (1917). Killed in Action 23.08.1918, France. Buried in Douchu-les Ayette B C, S Arras
DUNN (1886-1918), Archibald. AS 1900-01. Served, WW1. Lance Corporal, 2nd Leinster Regiment. Killed, Hazebrouck. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. vi. pp. 32-3.]
EASON, Alan (1897-1916). AS 1909-15. Served, WW1. Second Lieutenant, 9th Royal Berkshire Regiment. Died of Appendicitis, 20.01.1916. Buried in St Mary, Churchyard, Long Wittenham [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. v. p. 319.]
EDWARDES, Henry Frederick Edgecumbe (1878-1917). Master, Abingdon School (1891-98). AS 1891-98. Served, WW1. 4th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (1914). Second Lieutenant, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Killed in Action 06.02.1917 Buried in Bethune Town Cemetery
ELLISON, Cuthbert Joseph (1888-1919). AS 1899-1900. Served, WW1. Captain, Royal Garrison Artillery. From 1915, Palestine, France, Germany, Egypt. Mentioned, despatches. Died, septic pneumonia, contracted while on leave in Germany 18.02.1919. [MI: St Edmund churchyard, Abingdon.] Buried in Abingdon RC Cemetery
GALE, Leonard Franklin (1885-1915). AS 1894-98. Served, WW1. Corporal, Queen’s Own Oxfordshire Hussars. Killed in Action 26.05.1915, Flanders. Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
GILLINGHAM, Rowland Cuthbert (1890-1917). AS 1904-? Served, WW1. Private, Royal Berkshire Regiment. Killed in Action, Somme 04.04.1917. Thiepval Memorial
GOODYEAR, Duncan Matheson (1892-1917). AS 1906-1907. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps. Killed in Action 29.06.1917, Ypres. Buried in Brandhoek Mil Cem, Ypres.
GOODYEAR, Raymond Norman (1894-1917). AS 1906-07. Served, WW1. Second Lieutenant, East Surrey Regiment. Killed in Action in France 24.04.1917.Buried in Gouzeaucourt New Br, S E Arras
GRAHAM, Eric Montrose (1893-1915). AS 1908-11. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, South Wales Borderers. Killed, died of wounds 02.04.1915 Buried in Kensal gree All Souls Cemetery, London
GRAHAM, Ronald Macleod (1895-1915). AS 1910-13. Served, WW1. Second Lieutenant, Essex Regiment, Royal Scots Fusiliers. Killed in Action 12.03.1915. Le Touret Memorial, Bethune
GRIFFIN, Innes Edward (1888-1916). AS 1898-1904. Served, WW1. Captain and Adjutant, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. Died of Wounds 11.02.1915 Buried in Beauval Com Cem, Doullens, France.
HABGOOD, John Horace (1890-1915). AS 1903-07. Served, WW1. Private, Berkshire Yeomanry. Missing in Action, Gallipoli, 21.08.1915. [MI: Faringdon market house and Faringdon church.] Helles Memorial, Gallipoli
HARRAGIN, William Piercy (1884-1918). AS 1899-1900. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (1915). Attached, King’s African Rifles (1918). Died 01.11.1918, Dar-es-Salaam. Buried, Upanga Road cemetery, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. [MI: Berkhamstead, All Saint’s church, war memorial.
HARVEY, Eric Howard (1890-1918). AS 1903-08. Served, WW1. Captain, 5th Gloucestershire Regiment. Military Cross and Bar. He was Killed in Action by machine gun fire while walking back to his Company HQ. 30.09.1918 Estaires. Buried in Estaires Com Cem Ext
HARVEY, John (1895-1916). AS 1909-12. Served, WW1. Royal Gloucestershire Hussars (1914). Killed in Action 23.04.1916, Katia, Palestine. Memorial Palestine
HEWER, Richard Tuckey (1887-1918). AS 1898-1904. Served, WW1. Second Lieutenant, 1st Berkshire Yeomanry. Killed in Action 21.11.1917, Palestine. Buried in Jerusalem War Cemetery, Palestine
HOOD, John William (1889-1918). Master, Abingdon School (1915). Served, WW1. Second Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died of influenza 15.11.1918. Buried in Valenciennes Com Cem
HOWARD, John Allan (1898-1918). AS 1910-15. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, 3rd Essex Regiment. Died of his wounds, Bienvillers, France. Buried in Bienvillers Mil Cem
KING, Kenneth Vivian (1896-1918). AS 1906-09. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, 52nd Squadron, Royal Air Force. Killed on bombing raid of German Divisional Headquarters 30.07.1918. Buried in Varennes Mil Cem, N Albert, France
LAYNG, George Reginald Stuart (1895-1916). AS 1906-09. Served, WW1. Second Lieutenant, 10th Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment. Commissioned (1915). Attached, 1st Trench Mortar Battery. Died of his wounds caused by a shell near Martinpuich 18.08.1916. Buriedin Warloy-Baillon C C Ext.
LEACH, Thomas Norman Telford (1900-1918). AS 1911-17. Served, WW1. Wireless operator, mercantile marine. SS Arca. Drowned at sea in the Irush Sea, 02.10.1918. Memorial Tower Hill, London.
LEWINGTON, William John (1896-1918). AS 1908-1912. Served, WW1. Queen’s Own Oxfordshire Hussars. Killed in Action 25.03.1918 Pozieres Memorial, Albert, France
LOUTH, Harold George (1888-1915). AS 1905-06. Served, WW1. Private, 4th Seaforth Highlanders. Killed in Action Festubert, France 09.05.1915. Memorial Le Touret, Bethune, France
LUPTON, Frank William (1895-1917). AS 1906-14. Served, WW1. Ireland (1916). Second Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers. Killed in Action on The Somme, France, 04.08.1916. Buried in Thiepval Cemetery, France
MARCUS, Dudley Harold (1895-1916). AS 1908-12. Served, WW1. Rifleman, County of London Regiment (The Rangers). Killed in Action 01.07.1916 at Gommecourt, France. Buried in Gommecourt Cem 2, N. Thiepval, France
MARSHALL, Bernard Sanderson (1894-1917). AS 1909-12. Served, WW1. South Wales Borderers. Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps. Military Cross. Killed in Action 07.06.1917 Memorial in Arras Flying Services Cem, Arras, France.
MILES, Percy Norman (1898-1917). AS 1908-14. Served, WW1. Private, Lancashire Fusiliers. Mising in Action 09.10.1917. Buried in Tyne Cot Cem, Ypres, France
MILNE, John Theobald (1895-1917). AS 1905-09. Served, WW1. Captain, 48th Squadron. Royal Flying Corps. Military Cross. Missing in Action 24.10.1917. Memorial in Arras Flying Services Cem, Arras, France.
MITCHELL, John McGeorge (1891-1915). AS 1904-09. Served, WW1. Second Lieutenant, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. Killed in Action, Loos, France 25.09.1915. Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, France
MORTLEMAN, Wilfred Robert (1891-1918). AS 1902-07. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, Honourable Artillery Company. Died, Catterick, shell shock 29.12.1918. Buried in Chipping Barnet Cem, Hertfordshire
PERRIN, Alfred Norman (1891-1918). AS 1903-06. Served, WW1. Lance Corporal, Coldstream Guards. Died of pneumonia 30.10.1918. Buried in Cremona Town Cem, Ceremona, Italy [MI: St Helen’s church].
PERRIN, Clement Edward (1894-1916). AS 1906-1911. Served, WW1. Company Quarter-Master Sergeant, Royal Berkshire Regiment, 1/4th battalion. Killed in Action 14.08.1916 on the Somme. [MI: St Helen’s church.] Thiepval Memorial, Thiepval
PRYCE, Alfred Owen Challenor (1883-1918). AS 1894-1902.  Served, WW1. Royal Naval Division, Gallipoli (wounded). Lieutenant, Cameronians, Scottish Rifles. Killed in Action, France 14.04.1918. [See: NBH, 27th April 1918.] Polegsteert Memorial, Armentieres
ROBINSON, Louis Francis Woodward (1893-1917). AS 1907-09. Commissioned in Army. Served, WW1. Captain, Royal Engineers (1914). Salonika (1913-16). Croix de Guerre (1917). Killed in Action 25.05.1917. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. v. p. 388.] Arras Memorial, Arras
ROBINSON, Charles William Sidney (1896-1918).  AS 1907-09. Served, WW1. Royal Flying Corps. Died in an accident 08.08.1918 Buried in Perreuse Chateau FB, Seine/Marne, France.
SAXBY, George Scrase (1883-1917). AS 1894-1901. Served, WW1. Second Lieutenant, Sportsman’s Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. London Regiment, Queen Victoria’s Rifles. Killed 22.04.1917. Buried in Duisans Brit Cem, Arras [MI: St Helen’s church.]
SELLS, Archibald Jenner (1882-1916). AS 1898-1900. Served, Boer War. Served, Zulu rebellion (1906). Wounded. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, The Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment. 3rd Queen’s Regiment. Killed in Action by a sniper 26.10.1916. Buried in Berks Cem Ext, Armentieres.
SHEPHERD, Arthur Gelston (1894-1914). AS 1903-1910. Served, WW1. Flight Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Air Service (1914). Killed in a flying accident, Eastbourne 10.03.1915. Buried in Wotton St Peter Cemetery, Oxfordshire
SHEPHERD-TURNHAM, Norman Percy (1878-1916) [formerly SHEPHERD]. AS 1889-1894. Served, WW1. Captain, 6th Yorkshire Light Infantry. Killed in Action by a shell 28.09.16. Thiepval Memorial, Thiepval, France.
SHOPLAND, Herbert S (1877-1918). AS 1887-94. Served, WW1. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Died while on active service, Salonika 18.06.1916. Buried in Salonika Mil Cem, Salonika
SLADE, Robert Bishop (1892-1918). AS 1901-03. Served, WW1. Canadian expeditionary force. 95th Saskatchewan Rifles. Joined RAF (1917). Lieutenant. Instructor, RAF Shawbury. Killed in a flying accident 23.07.1918. Buried in All Saints Cem, Aston Upthorpe, Berkshire
SMITH, Charles Francis Bateman (1886-1915). AS 1900-01. Commissioned, Suffolk Regiment (1911). Served, WW1. Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, Suffolk Regiment. Killed. [MI: Ypres, Menin Gate.]
SPARKES, Richard Abbott (1884-1918). AS 1896-1903. Joined Army. 3rd Battalion, West Surrey Regiment. Lieutenant, Wiltshire Regiment (1905). Presented at Court at levee (1905). Stationed, India (1905). Served, WW1. Major, Indian Army. 54th Sikhs (Frontier Force). Died of influenza, India 02.11.1918. Karachi Memorial, Pakistan
STANILAND, Walter Edwin (1884-1915). AS 1895-1901. Served, WW1. Lance-Sergeant, Gloucestershire Regiment. Killed in Action at Loos 25.09.1915. Loos Memorial, Lens
TINEGATE, Geoffrey Howarth (1898-1915). AS 1912-14. Served, WW1. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (1914). Royal Worcestershire Regiment (1915). Killed in Action at Chunuk 10.08.1915. Cape Helles Memorial, Gallipoli Gallipoli.
WEAVING, Robert Valentine (1889-1916). AS 1904-06. Served, WW1. Sergeant, Royal Berkshire Regiment. Missing/Killed in Action 27.08.1916. Buried in Mill Rd Cem, Thiepval.
WILLIAMS, Almericus John Falkiner de Courcy (1895-1914). AS 1908-12. RMA Sandhurst (1913). Served, WW1. 2nd Lieutenant, West India Regiment. Attached, Middlesex Regiment. Killed. Died of wounds 21.10.1914, Aubers. Buried in Bethune.
WILLIAMS, Wilfrid Cyril (1894-1916). AS 1909-13. Served, WW1. Second Lieutenant, 12th Hampshire Regiment (1914). Killed in Action on patrol 24.09.1916 Salonika. Doiran Memorial, Salonika, Greece
WILLIS, Richard (1887-1918). Master, Abingdon School (1913). Served, WW1. Lieutenant, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Killed in Action 16.05.1916 at Vimy Ridge. Buried in Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Arras
WOODS, George (1894-1916). AS 1911-13. Served, WW1. Captain, County of London Rifles (Queen Victoria’s Rifles). Killed 09.09.1916. Thiepval Memorial., Thiepval

World War II

ADAMS, Arthur Robert Mervyn (1916-45). AS 1930-35. Served, WW2. Captain, Royal Artillery, attached, RAF. Killed in Action, Burma 19.03.1945. Taukkyan Memorial, Myanmar [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 180.]
BAKER, George Alexander D’Arcy (1920-40). AS 1932-35. Served, WW2. Signalman, HMS Speedwell. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. Killed 01.06 1940, Dunkirk. [See, obituary, Abingdonian, vol. vii. p. 407-8.]
BARNARD, Michael Charles (1920-1944). AS 1932-37. Served, WW2. Flight Sergeant pilot, Royal Air Force. Killed in Action 14.01.1944. Runnymede Memorial
BARNES, Anthony Leon Victor (1918-1939). AS 1932-35. Acting Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force, Brize Norton (1937). Served, WW2. Pilot Officer (pilot), Royal Air Force. Killed in a flying accident, December 1939. [MI: Carew St Mary, new churchyard.
BERNTHAL, Leslie Lawton (1920-1943). AS 1932-38. Served, WW2. Flight Sergeant, Royal Air Force Vounteer Reserve. 70 Squadron, Missing/Killed in Action 08.07.1943 over N Africa. Alamein Memorial, Egypt
BLUNDELL, Thomas Holland (1921-1944). AS 1936-37. Served, WW2. Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Fleet Air Arm. HMS Daedalus. Missing/Killed in air operations in NW Europe 28.01.1944. Lee on Solent Memorial.
CANTLE, John Christopher (1925-1945). AS 1940-42. Pupil pilot, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Aircraftman 2nd Class. South Africa (1944). Killed in a low flying accident, South Africa 27.03.1945. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 180.]
CORBETT, Kenneth George (1917-1943). AS 1930-34. Signalman, Royal Navy (1941). Volunteered for SOE duties. HMS Fidelity. Lost at Sea 01.01.1943. Portsmouth Memorial [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 142.]
CRACKNELL, Derrick Michael (1921-44). AS 1935-38. Served, WW2. Sergeant, RAF Volunteer Reserve. Killed on Active Service 10.02.1944 Brookwood Memorial, Surrey [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 142.]
D’ALMAINE, Harry Robert (1915-1941). AS 1923-29. Royal Navy, Gosport (1938). Served, WW2. Lieutenant, Royal Navy. HMS Sunfish (1939). HMS Thunderbolt (1941). HM Submarine Undaunted. Missing, presumed lost, 13.05.1941 when submarine was sunk in The Bay of Biscay. Portsmouth Memorial [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p.70.]
DARBISHIRE, Peter O’Neill (1913-1940). AS 1927-30. Served, WW2. Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (1939). 77 Squadron. Missing in Action over the North Sea/Killed 16.12.1940. Runnymede Memorial
DOCKERTY, Bradford William Owen (1923-1945). AS 1935-39. Served, WW2. Flight Sergeant, air gunner, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 640 Squadron. Killed on active service 02.02.1945. Buried in Abingdon Cemetery. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 180. MI: Abingdon New Cemetery.]
ELLIS, John Frederick Howard (1915-1941). AS 1931-32. Served, WW2. Royal Marines. Killed 1941 Portsmouth Memorial.
ELLISON, Henry Victor (1897-1942). AS 1909-14. Served, WW1. Oxfordshire Hussars (1914). Royal Flying Corps (1918). France, Egypt. Served, WW2. Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Missing/Killed in Action 24.03.1942, Malaya. Singapore Memorial
ELPHICK, Henry Geoffrey (1923-42). AS 1936-41. Served, WW2. Sergeant (pilot), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Killed in accident 25.09.1942 in the UK. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 88. MI: Caversham cemetery.]
EMMETT, Robert (1919-1940). AS 1929-36. Sharpshooters, 23rd London Regiment (1938). Served, WW2. Second Lieutenant, 6th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment. Killed in action 23.01.1940 in Flanders.
FAULKNER, Harold Bishop (1918-1945). AS 1931-33. Served, WW2. Gunner, Royal Artillery. Regimental HQ, 1st Survey Regiment, Royal Artillery. Died in Shaftesbury Hospital, UK 28.02.1945. [MI: Brookwood Cemetery.]
FOY, Thomas Joseph (1922-1944). AS 1936-40. Flight Sergeant (Air Gunner), Royal Air Force. 83 Squadron. Killed in Action 06.08.1944. Buried in Pontoise CC
GENDERS, Douglas (1912-1939). AS 1922-24. Served as a Flying Officer in the RAF. Died in an accident 09.09.1939.
GENDERS, Henry Joshua (1908-1940). AS 1920-24. RMA Sandhurst (1930). Essex Regiment (1932). Served, WW2.Captain, Essex Regiment. Killed in Action 26.08.1940 in Eritre, East Africa. Khartoum Memorial, Egypt
GILES, William (1920-1944). AS 1931-37. Lieutenant, Royal Armoured Corps. Attached, HQ Squadron, 29th Armoured Brigade. Formerly, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry. Killed in Normandy 30.06.1944. Buried in Bayeux War Cemetery, France
GODWIN, Lewis John Frederick (1914-1941). AS 1924-30. Served, WW2. Sergeant, RAF. Killed in Action over Malta 28.02.1941. [MI: Malta Naval cemetery.]
GWYTHER-JONES, Frank (1898-1942). AS 1908-11. Served, WW1. Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps (1917). Served, WW2. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Killed in South Africa 12.05.1942. Buried in Kimberley, South Africa
HEALY, (Tim) Denis Edward (1915-1942). AS 1928-31. Served, WW2. Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 210 Squadron. DSO. Norwegian War Cross. Died of wounds 25.09.1942 in Russia. [MI: Severomorsk cemetery. Air Force Museum, Runnymead, panel 65. See: Abingdonian, vol. viii. p. 179 and vol. viii, pp. 259-60 and obituary, pp. 87-88.
HILLIER, Dennis James Walter (1910-1944). AS 1923-27. Served, WW2. Trooper, 3rd Royal Tank Regiment (Royal Armoured Corps). Killed in Action, Normandy 29.06.1944. Buried in Brouay War Cemetery, France
HOLLAND, Ian Stuart (1924-1944). AS 1935-41. Served WW2. Private, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. First Buckinghamshire Battalion. Killed in Action, Normandy 07.06.1944. Buried in Hermanville War Cemetery, France
HOLME, Denis George Edwards (1923-1944). AS 1937-39. Served, WW2. Lieutenant, Royal Berkshire Regiment. Wiltshire Regiment, attached, 5th Battalion. Killed in Action, Normandy 09.08.1944. Buried in St Manvien War Cemetery, France
HOLME, Michael Harold (1918-1940). AS 1932-35. Honorable Artillery Company (1938). Served, WW2. Second Lieutenant, 4th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment. Killed in Action, Flanders 21.05.1940.
HUNT, Edmund George (1914-1943). AS 1924-30. Served, WW2. Emgine Room Artificer, 4th Class, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve. Lost at sea in HM Submarine 08.01.1943 (1943). [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 142.] Chatham Memorial, UK
KORTRIGHT, Nicholas Henry (1922-1942). AS 1934-39. Served, WW2. Sergeant (Rear gunner) Royal Air Force. 149 Squadron. Killed over Essen 06.06.1942. Buried in Reichswald Forest, Germany [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 88.]
LANGEBEAR, Richard (1914-41). AS 1928-31. Served, WW2. Squadron Leader, Royal Air Force. 18 Squadron. Killed (Reported missing over France) 09.05.1941. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii. p. 70.] Runnymede Memorial, UK
LANGFORD, Guy (1913-1940). AS 1926-31. Served, WW2. Lance Corporal, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. Killed in Action (missing St Omer, Dunkirk) 17.06.1940.
MILLS, Douglas Edward (1917-1941). AS 1929-35. Served, WW2. Second Lieutenant, Royal Artillery. 31 Field Regiment. Killed in Action 18.02.1941, Keren, Eritrea. Buried in Keren Cemetery, Eritrea, Libya
MORLEY, Philip Woodgate (1900-1940). AS 1913-17. Served WW2. Major, 2nd Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Killed in Action 10.05.1940 N W Europe. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. vii. p. 408.]
NATHAN, Michael Frederick (1922-42). AS 1936-39. Served, WW2. Sergeant (pilot), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 122 Squadron. Killed on patrol over English Channel 01.09.1942. Runnymede Memorial [obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 107.]
NOWELL-USTICKE, Philip Gordon (1925-1946). AS 1940-42. Served, WW2. Lieutenant, Manchester Regiment. Killed by accident 27.06.1946 in Greece. Buried in Phaleron Cemetery, Greece.
OSMAND, Alexander Gordon (1918-1943). AS 1930-32. Served, WW2. Squadron Leader (pilot), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 261 Squadron. Killed on Operations 20.10.1943 in Burma. [MI: Chittagong War cemetery.]
PAINTER, Clarence Claude (1893-1945). AS 1905-10. Served, WW1. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (1914). Lieutenant, Royal Air Force (1918). Arrested in Jersey with son (1943). Sent to Nazi concentration camp, Germany. Worked at Krupps factory, Dietzorf, as forced labour (1944). CCP’s son [Peter Edward Painter (1924-44)], died (November 1944) at Gross-Rosen concentration camp, a satellite of Sachsenhausen. Later CCP died, (February 1945) from exposure at Dora-Mittelbau concentration camp, a satellite of Buchenwald, where prisoners were employed in making V1 and V2 rockets. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 194. MI: Lighthouse Memorial, New North Quay, St Helier, Jersey.]
PIMM, David (1921-1944). AS 1932-39. Served, WW2. Trooper, Royal Armoured Corps. 9th Queen’s Royal Lancers. Killed in Action in Italy 05.09.1944. MI: Gradara War Cemetery, Italy.
RANDALL, Graham Donald (1921-1942). AS 1933-39. Served, WW2. Warrant Officer, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (wireless operator/air gunner). Shot down over Belgium 16.04.1942. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 107. MI: Vlissingem Churchyard, De Haan, Belgium.]
RAYMONT, Oliver Thomas Marton (1909-1940). AS 1922-27. Pembroke (1927). Served, WW2. Major, 1st Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers. Killed in Action in Belgium. [MI: Heverlee War Cemetery, Leuven, Belgium. See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. vii. p. 408-9.]
SLATTER, Eric Frank (1913-1944). AS 1925-29. Served, WW2. Lieutenant, Reconnaisance Corps, Royal Armoured Corps. 52nd Regiment. Killed in Action 19.09.1944 Oss, Holland. [MI: Grossbeek War Cemetery, Nijmegan.] Brother of DAS.
STEELE, Charles Frank (1904-1940). AS 1915-20. Served, WW2. Australian Expeditionary Force (1940). Killed in Action in Palestine 01.07.1940. Buried in Gaza War Cemetery
WALFORD, Selby Howard Lucas (1912-1941). AS 1926-28. Served WW2. Corporal, Royal Marines (1941). HMS Neptune. Missing/Killed in action 19.12.1941. Plymouth Memorial [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. vii. p. 70.]
WARDLAW, David Herbert. (1914-1940). AS 1929-31. Served, WW2. Flying Officer, Royal Air Force. 115 Squadron. Killed (lost on operations) 04.04.1940 over the UK.
WHITFIELD, Herbert Harold (1919-42). AS 1931-36. Pilot Officer (pilot), Royal Air Force. 418 (RCAF) Squadron. Killed in an Accident 03.05.1942 in the UK. [MI: Culham Churchyard. See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii. p. 70.]
WIGGINS, Alan Charles (1922-1944). AS 1933-38. Flying Officer, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 21 Squadron. Killed in Action over N W Europe 29.09.1944. Buried in Leopoldsburg War Cemetery.
WOOD, Norman Collins (1905-1942). AS 1917-26. Served, WW2. Rhodesia Regiment. Attached, Sergeant, Nigeria Regiment. Royal West African Field Force. Died of Blackwater Fever in Nigeria. [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, no. 8, 1942.] Buried in Enugu, Nigeria
WOOLF, Peter John (1918-1942). AS 1932-35. Served, WW2. Signalman, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. HMS Wild Swan. Killed in Action off France 18.06.1942. Portsmouth Memorial
WRIGHT, Corrie Robertson (1907-42). AS 1919-26. Indian Army, Jubbulpore (1929). Peshawar (1934). Served WW2. Captain, Indian Army. 11th Sikh Regiment. Died suddenly in India [See: obituary, Abingdonian, vol. viii, p. 142. MI: Rawalpindi war cemetery.]

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On Friday evening, OA Jack Swanborough (2012) came to give Abingdon boys an insight in to Mechatronics Engineering. Using projects from Tech Camp (where Jack works as Technical Manager), pupils learnt what it's like to work in mechatronics engineering &am20 May