Work Experience Scheme

Many pupils are keen to use their time during the summer holiday to gain valuable work experience. A work experience placement is great way for Abingdon pupils to find out about a potential career path, see what the world of work is really like, develop new skills, add credentials to their CV and make connections. During the summer of 2018, 23 Abingdon pupils completed one- or two-week summer placements hosted by OAs.

OAs are needed to host placements during the summer of 2019!

  • Placements are for pupils who have completed their Lower Sixth year of study during the 2018/19 academic year.
  • Placements should occur during the summer holiday, ideally between 8 July and 30 August 2019.
  • Placements should last between one and two weeks. It is possible to extend this up to four weeks, but these longer placements are less likely to attract applicants. Location should be reasonable commuting distance from Abingdon (assuming that students do not drive). Placements in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and London are far more likely to receive applicants given the logistics of commuting, but there are always exceptions.
  • The placement should provide ample opportunities for the student to gain insight into that career field, learn what work is like, develop skills and make connections.
  • No renumeration is necessary.
  • You do not have to supervise the student yourself, although it will be mutually satisfying to do so!
  • If you wanted to offer a placement to more than one student, you can host them either together or at separate times.
  • In addition to the student gaining invaluable work experience, your organisation will also benefit from the work or project carried out by the student.

If you are interested in hosting a work experience placement during the summer of 2019, please complete this online form. Please contact Michael Triff at if you have any questions.