The Loose Limbed Collective goes to Edinburgh

OAs working in the arts will be interested to know that the Loose Limbed Collective is planning to hold its next networking event at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on Tuesday 20 August from 10pm-1am.

The LLC, which was established in 2011 by Jeremy Taylor, Abingdon's newly appointed director of arts partnerships, to support those working in the arts, is also taking its first ever production to the Fringe. “Contact Light” is a brilliant new play by Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson, two fast rising stars of stage and screen who are also former St Helen’s drama students. Both the play and the LLC networking event will take place at the Pianodrome, Edinburgh's newest and most exciting venue - an in-the-round pop-up theatre made entirely of 60 re-cycled pianos. Watch this space for further news and updates.

As part of the event, Jeremy is hoping to stage a showcase performance in the Pianodrome - he would be happy to hear from OA artists who will be in Edinburgh then and are interested in taking part. He can be contacted via email at