Middle School Curriculum

By third form the year group more than doubles with the influx of our Common Entrance and Scholarship fields, bringing an invigorating diversity and energy to the Middle School atmosphere. Time is devoted in third form to settling boys down to the practice of working harmoniously together and to ensuring that all boys are brought up to the necessary standard to move onto GCSE with confidence, whatever their previous experience.

As GCSE techniques begin to be explored, the larger size of the year group allows us to differentiate more by aptitude so we can tailor teaching to the needs of particular groups. Many subjects will begin actual GCSE courses during the third year and some will begin moving towards early GCSE entry in the fourth form for those boys who would benefit from acceleration.

During the Lent term of the third year, boys make their option choices for the GCSE courses that will take them through to the end of the fifth year. They choose three or four subjects from a wide range on offer, to complement our compulsory ‘core’ of six subjects (English, Maths, German or French, Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Further details of this are available from the Middle School Curriculum document downloadable from the main curriculum page.

By doing this we ensure boys keep diversity in their subject range, saving specialisation for the sixth form. Results at GCSE level form the basis of the qualifying process for entry into the Upper School. At present our requirement is a profile of 3As and 4Bs, with at least a C grade in English and Mathematics.

If you have any questions please contact me on paul.gooding@abingdon.org.uk or through the Registrar’s Office.

Rev Paul Gooding
Middle Master