Lower School Inter-Tutor Group Competition

Competition winners for 2018-9:

2nd year

Summer Reading Challenge 2C
Rugby 2H
Lower School Challenge 2H
Cross-country 2J
Chess 2H
Road Relay 2C
Hockey 2H
Public Speaking 2J
Water Polo 2J
Table Tennis 2H
Athletics 2C
Cricket 2H
Tennis 2H
Swimming 2H
Countdown 2H
Tug of War 2C
Overall Winners 2H

1st year

Rugby 1G
Lower School Challenge 1G
Cross-country 1M
Chess 1M
Road Relay 1M
Hockey 1P
Public Speaking 1P
Water Polo 1G
Table Tennis 1M
Athletics 1P
Reading 1P
Cricket 1G
Tennis 1M
Swimming 1P
Countdown 1P
Tug of War 1P
Overall Winners 1P